State of Elanthia 2004

AKA Oh shit, Bubba brought the wrong CD even though he only wrote this on Tuesday.

Things we will not talk about today.
"Only one page?"
Fight Club
Fight Club
The War
Staffing Changes
Fight Club

Things we CAN talk about about
Is Mikey really the mastermind behind American Chopper
The Socioeconomic impact of the metalworkers unions in medieval Sheffield
The new Experience

"There is music on the other one, but we don't have speakers."

"We never finish anything we start."


Min-maxers won't be negatively affected.
People who roleplay and train stuff that used to not matter will be able to jump 5, 10, more levels due to extra bits saved up.
New skills added. New skills for core requirement--can neglect new skills by people won't want to mess with them but will count for the people who do.
New skills mess up skill averages.

Start everyone fresh with careers.

Will not take out primary/secondary/tertiary skillsets.

Skills excluded from skill sets will generally not be excluded under this system. Target for empaths is still under discussion.

It is likely that ALL guild requirements will change. Soon.

We have to get DR1 into the DR2 engine in order to do it.

You can have it fast, you can have it cheap, or you can have it good.

Looking at fixing the gweths for the commoners.

More channels to gweths with DR2

Percentages of a rank will not help. All or nothing - it doesn't get added to your total until the rank rolls over.


That's the number of QCs before Raise is released. 6 left.

Animal lore will open for everyone. Rangers will learn it as a primary.

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