Magic Theory

Mana is a frequency

Moon mana is at the bottom
then elemental
then life
then holy-frequency is so high that it requires something extra from the user(soul, devotion)

with higher frequencies, it's thinner, less useful, using the soul/devotion to make up for the lack.

What is mana, where does it come from?
Lunar mana-attractions, interactions between moons and planets; resonates with large bodies-moons, stars, planets; long wavelengths
elemental mana-action, creation, manipulation of elements; resonates with smaller scale; shorter wavelengths
life mana-result of continuing struggle between order and chaos, the antithesis of entropy; natural order, natural state
holy mana-results from the past, present and (future) presence of the divine in the realms, not the divine immortals

Attunement is like magical fatigue
the more you cast spells, the less able you are to concentrate magically

you cannot carry mana with you
mana has a natural state, it doesn't like being manipulated
cambrinth holds the energy generated when manipulating mana, not the mana itself.


General cast beneficial-easier to resist
general cast detrimental-harder to resist
general cast neutral
area cast beneficial
area cast detrimental

area spells are very difficult for single persons to cause to fail because of resistance
barbarians have greater resistance due to inner fire
when you die, you lose your resistance; resistance becomes negligible.
Animate things have resistance, including undead
magic users have no resistance to beneficial spells


Evolution of magic
what happens if you mix two mana types

Necromancy is a perversion of life itself
combo of life and any other mana other than holy
arm falls off or something

combo of two other than life

devices won't use user's mana

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