Magic v. 2.1
Sweeping Changes

Damissak-targetted magic and general balancing
Valdrik-magic devices/power perception
Maelona-You want to do what, are you mad as a badger?--Valdrik
nod and smile Rigby-

The game outgrew the system
barrier-type spells
shear spell

critter magic was completely separate

Making sure that magifc was consistent
design was much more smooth
spells will be more reliable about how spells will behave on critters vs. Players

Paladin spell slots
skill driven

air bubble scrolls/runes are still viable

scrolls are being reevaluated for scholarship

prepare hide
critters recognize spell preps/you recognize critter preps

custom prep messaging-new system supports it

Critters will use mana-choose rooms, whether or not to use magic vs. Weapons, fail spells, backfire, twitch.

Can critters cast raise on each others-some, yes
Can critters cast moongate-yes, in theory
Can critters teleport-yes
Will they be able to go through player-cast moongates-possibly

Never seen before

Barrier Spells
now have the possibility of real impact on incoming spells
sphere of protection
Ethereal Shield

Will shear protect against box traps?
Interesting concept


Energy Manacles
Mana Disruption

Dangerous to cast: backfires will put you in a world of hurt.

Scroll system:
phasing out most guild spells
putting in critter spells

Blackfire is a possibility

new realm of magic
feral magic
corruption necromancy
perversion necromancy

Possibility for bard-only sorcery

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