By the end of July, perhaps by the end of June
Lore skills will take longer

Substances cover anything that's manipulatable in the game that's not a weapon or armor. Liquid, skins, dead critters. Living insects, slime, algae, mushrooms, fungi, etc.

Initial roll-in: healing substances and most burning substances.
Much more messaging involved in healing messaging. Will tell you what it does and when it's done. Or what it cannot do. Target areas with herbs, increased potency. Multiple healing areas: sometimes more severe wounds heal more than less with general. Rubbing targetted on several areas will not be an overdose-will just use more of the herbs.

Will be nerve healers and internal eye healers w/side effects.

Vertigo spell as possible side effect for nerve healing herb.

Application will matter.

Will be able to see how many uses remain of an herb with analyze.
Empaths may be able to see potency, side effects, etc.
Everyone will be able to at a higher level.
Measure is free.

Coins are not a substance.

11 basic types of substances.

Animal skins
animal products
water(pure elements)

Major changes for fire and liquids

different materials burn at different temperatures
fire messaging will be based on heat

most food and beverages are not substances yet
will be possible to roast marshmallows

doused fires can have fuels removed


when in a container take the shape of the container and can't hold a liquid
liquid must be in a container
some won't mix automatically
will automatically combine, like arrows

Heating and liquids

when ice melts-->water
will now go through the stage change

like items will autimatically combine if they're liquids

Drying and the buckets will basically be the same
with buckets: can tell how dry it is



Close containers

Inherited poisons 6 weeks ago
won't work to make new ones for a few weeks
make antidotes as well

has a lot of problems
will be rewritten
jewelery making
fairy ring
# weapons and armor
arrow and bolt heads
crossbow parts
no date for smithing, hopefully for end of year, maybe before

smithing skill
exp skill
counts how many completions you've done for each weapon class, each armor class

only HE would count towards counter on a bastard sword

Tactics like folding will be in smithing

Health will matter, what you wear will matter, two scratches won't matter but a missing arm will.

Weapons will not be custom fitted. Will be a possibility, but no plans. Custom fitting to armor

Personally owned forging tools; smithing better stuff with own tools vs. Tools at the forge.

Shield forging-composite-wood and leather frames, leather straps, metal plating or bosses or rivets, etc. Steel jousting shields

make larger pieces of ingot or chain or plate or chain to cut out pieces with scraps to cut more out of or remelt

take limbs and carve into quarterstaff or stock of crossbow; put bands on to reinforce and weigh it.

Mixing is your knowledge rather than a skill check.

Skill is awarded on completion for the most part.

Creation titles

Will be way to adjust fire temperatures in existing forges

Mines will be everywhere, and many different types

surface, underground, placer mines

new magical metals

brawling instruments-torches

Mixes will be very different.

Alcohol brewing.

Be able to get drunk-side effect

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