Simucon 2006 Quotes

Not as many quotes, but this was an unofficial 'con.

Can I have a unibrow? - Elec

Everyone's basically going to stop what they're working on and everything shifts to P5. - Solomon

I'll pay you if you talk Major into coming back. - Anonymous

I knew Vorclaf, and then Vorclaf changed hands, and Vorclaf doesn't know me now. - Ysselt

Oh, sorry. Wearing nothing special. Characters are never naked. - Solomon

I just want a unibrow. - Elec

The game's known as Dragonrealms. Where the fuck are the dragons? - Tweezy

The hunters become the hunted. - Shavay

Can I change my last name to Striker? - Elec

I need to know how long I have while I can still enjoy my money. - Issus

You can type n and do the same thing a flying carpet would do. - Solomon

No one is going to get Shapeshifter's armor because that is Shapeshifter's armor. - Solomon

If you say shovel, I'll kick you in the mouth. - Solomon

I figured you would make a comment on the size of your butt. - Solomon

Or I would rip your nuts off and shove them so far up your ass that you'd be tasting them next week. - Arwinia

DR Future, here I come. - Arwinia

I prefer to be called geek. - Elonka

You were living the forty-year-old virgin! - Tyrathia on Elonka's blind date

I've tried many times but been turned away by large guys with guns. - Elonka on trying to get into the CIA

Tyrathia, you missed it. A guy walked into the girls' bathroom and went, "Oh, not again." - Bambina

Dude, don't show me your nipples! - Jim from the office to Mike P from the office

Oh no, my nipple, oh my god. -

You don't drink, you're just naturally eccentric. - Shavay about (and to) Tyrathia

You haven't had a quote from me since the first day. - Major

There's some incriminating stuff out there. - Major

Where is she? - unknown
Probably passed out in the men's room again. - unknown

My name is Kiki, and in French, it means dick. - GM Hazel

You can say really dirty things in really cute voices when you're speaking to the baby. - Kiki

The first thing out of two out of my four children was shit, swear to god. - Major

What the hell does this word mean? - Algion, pointing to sushi menu
California? - Andy

If you get me divorced, I'm hunting you down. - forcibly anonymous.

There are internet sexual predators like me sitting here. - Algion

You're not even drunk yet, are you? - Jodie (Gary's wife)

If I have chopsticks, someone's going to lose an eye. And you can write that one down. - Major

I still have hair. It's interesting. - Major
It's staging a strategic retreat. - Algion

Everybody from G4 is short. Write that down. - Major

That short bastard. - Major about someone from G4.

If you ask her how to drink it, she'll think you are stupid. - Soim
She already thinks we're stupid. - Algion
All she has to do is look at them and she knows. - Simu-Gary

I look like I'm twelve without a mustache. - Major

The best thing that I saw at E3 was the 3-D monitor. - Major

Elonka, you can take advantage of me now. - Major

Quit rubbing up on Major. - Simu-Jim
Naw, she's allowed. - Major

I just said, I could have got that bra so fast Elonka's head would have spun. - Forcibly anonymous

Be nice to dick! - Algion

You're talking about warriors and dancers, and you missed the boobs that just walked by? - Major to Algion
Where'd they go. - Algion, immediately getting up and leaving.

40, minimum. Major was way off. - Algion
On what? - Tyrathia
On the boobs that walked by. - Algion, after giving Tyrathia an insulted look.

That's how you flirt with people of different languages. Do I have to teach you everything? - Major to Algion

You're not making me money bitch, this was just a one time thing. - GM Hazel

Everybody needs wood. (pause) Oh god that sounded bad. - Tyrathia
No, that sounded pretty normal, actually. - Krakii

I'm dreaming if I want wood, right? - Krakii

Do you feel finished? - Kathy

Do you play chess? - Andy
Yes, but there's no roads in chess. - Elonka
There's the deep thought of the day. - Krakii

She was so smashed, I was just waiting for the top to come off. - forcibly anonymous
Was it a DR player? - Krakii
I don't care. - forcibly anonymous
Good answer. - Krakii

I'm not drunk yet. - Algion
I'm drunk so it's ok. - Azaylia
No you're not, you're still walking and your shirt is still on. - Major

This woman is secretly in love with me, just so you know. - Boomsplat.
It's not that secret. - Shavay

You're doing quotable quotes, aren't you? - Shavay

Are you legal? - Elonka
Yes. - Algion
For sex or for alcohol? - Elonka
Both - Algion
In Missouri? - Elonka
In any country - Algion
(This quote has been authenticated as correct by Elonka)

For his next gig, he'll be at Six Flags. - Elonka, referring to a waiter.
I can't go to Six Flags. - Algion (6'3")
Because you're not tall enough? - Elonka

Please help me, I gotta get his real name. He's been locked out for WHAT?! - Elonka, miming looking up Algion's account information during a medical emergency.

If you don't stop saying funny things, you'll never get her to put the laptop away. - GM Hazel

I've seen and taken off enough bras that it's not that big of a deal. And don't you write that down. - Algion

Yeah, I was locked out of wikipedia permanently. The official reason was, sustained series of personal attacks, obviously not here to create an encyclopedia in any way. - Elonka

He's just slam, bam, give em the chocolate, thank you, ma'am, bye. - Elonka

We could do this all night, baby. - Elonka

I missed the second one. - Tyrathia
Too bad. - Elonka
Life sucks, get over it. It's not appropriate for children under….thirty. - Algion

I think you'd been a really fun teacher. - Elonka
Up until I killed someone. - Algion
Who says that's not fun? - Elonka

All I know is I'm just getting bit. - Algion

I just screwed you. - Dwelle
In public in the lobby. - Krakii

God I hate being harmless. - Shavay

Do you know that I've only been quoted once. - Bambina

Can I lick your ear while you're lying there? - Zelaide

Just cause I wanna let you suck my dick doesn't make me gay, Mike. - Zelaide to Algion

You already puked on me, if you set me on fire I will fucking kill you. - Algion to Daminious

Surely you didn't say anything incriminating, you're innocent. - Zelaide
Exactly. - Vrii

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