Simucon 2007 Quotes

A bumper crop of quotes this year.

To explain some of the later quotes, I dropped my laptop after the DR State of Elanthia panel Friday afternoon and trashed the CD/DVD drive.

I am both Vyrshkana and Tyrathia - who I'm listed as depends on context and who I was with at the time

If you are not at least 18 years of age, stop reading and go somewhere else.

Really, I mean it.

Don't blame me if your parents get mad.

Rampantly out of order. No D&D this year, either. Sorry!

To quote a t-shirt I saw at a con a few years ago: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be misquoted and used against you.

Any quote which doesn't have who it's by after it is unknown. If you know who said it, please let me know!

Vyrshkana/Cheesecake Gnome

We have a problem. We're both David Kaplan. Except it's his middle name and my last name. - Jolebin
And you look bizarrely alike. - Aleximarus
We're Jewish. - Jolebin

Why do you need air conditioning? It's not hot. - Redarch
I'm hot. - Jolebin, licking a finger, planting it on his ass and making a hissing sound

My ass is made of tougher stuff. - Jolebin
But is it glassproof? - Aleximarus
We haven't tried glass. - Jolebin
Yet! - Aleximarus

I'm home! I see ghetto! - Aleximarus

If we were crossing it right now, we could ford the river, or hire an Indian guide. - Jolebin while crossing the Missouri River

Are you cheating on me? - Algion
No, baby, he's on my list. - Jolebin

Shrimp wrapped in bacon is the greatest gift brought to us by the Atkins diet. - Jolebin

Redarch, you got a little something growing there. - Algion

We set him on an away mission and I don't think he's coming back. - Jolebin
Just as long as I have a valid excuse. - Algion

Soup or salad? - Becky, the waitress
Would you like that supersized? - Redarch

How's the soup? - Jolebin to person who got soup
You want the salad with raspberry vinaigrette, trust me. - Tyrathia
Actually, I do. - Jolebin

If you want to slap me, slap him instead. He'll enjoy it more. - Jolebin

All I ask is that when you change water into wine you use your finger and not your other appendage. - Algion
But that's where the magic is! - Jolebin

But baby, you told me this was nine inches. - Jolebin holding his hands three inches apart.
She didn't tell me she was fourteen. - Aleximarus

There's something on the back of your notebook. - Algion
It's a piece of bacon. - Jolebin
And Jolebin still has his pants on. - Someone else at the table

We were afraid you'd fallen victim to quantum vacuum collapse. - Jolebin to Redarch

I'll throw in some soup nuts. - Jolebin
You just like nuts though. - Algion
True. - Jolebin

I've got to get the Jolebin nod of the year. - Algion

Are you gay?
No, why.
Aww, that sucks.
- Algion quoting a past conversation with Jolebin

Ashton Kutcher has absolutely no talent. - Algion
Apparently he's got talent somewhere, because he's got Demi Moore. - Jolebin

Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple and Courtney Cox named hers Cocoa; I was so upset that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt broke up, because I was sure they'd have a kid named Banana. - Jolebin

I'm just waiting for Paris Hilton to have a kid named Herpes. - Algion
It's the gift that keeps on giving. - Redarch

They probably could have just poured the food in a trough and we'd have eaten it. - Algion

I would only go to a baseball game if it were played entirely by naked Derek Jeters. - Jolebin

I guess I should have said the wossname with the thingies. - Aleximarus

I lost my straw. - Aleximarus
It's right there. - Tyrathia
I can't see it! - Aleximarus

The bad part is they still use my original character as an example of bad behavior. - Algion

I almost never hear the name Synnovea without also hearing the word 'bitch'. - Jolebin

What the fuck did I just miss? - Algion

But you have the wrong equipment. - Algion
Actually, I have the same equipment as you, so I know what to do with it. - Jolebin

I'll sit on Redarch's lap. He won't mind. - Algion
No, Jolebin won't mind. - Redarch

Jolebin, if I was gay, you'd be my first choice. -Algion

The obvious way to defuse Algion is to ensure he dedicates all personal resources to protecting his crotch. - Jolebin

Oh, fuck, the cops are here already?! - Agion

I'm not crazy, I'm obnoxious. There's a difference. - Algion

I am not going to be a Lexi sandwich! - Aleximarus

Is the code up down up down left right left right B A start start? - Jolebin about the hotel 'net access

Bad geek for not knowing it without hearing me say the whole thing. - Jolebin

For a second there I parsed that as "I dropped my boxers." - Jolebin

"It's dead, it's going to stay dead...wait a minute." and walks away. - Pomae quoting Rigby

Why do you refrigerate rolls of quarters? - Raecear
Because that's the best ten dollars I ever spent. - Pomae about putting them down a girl's jeans

Do you want to see my munchkin? - Clunk

Only at Simucon can you go to a random eatery and overhear people talking about how many times they've died today like it's perfectly normal. - Calaveth

You're the only person I know of who'd talk about booting up their notebook and not be talking about a computer. - Calaveth

I'm mostly fluff. I squish. - Ashareal

Note to self: Jolebin is extremely ticklish. - Vyrshkana

Hello, friendly neighborhood molester guy here. - Arcrest

I'm waiting for the day the con is scheduled alongside some kind of Bible event. - Arcrest

We're going to Mexico to get sushi. - Jubalee

I did not ride in this comfortable position to go to Jack-in-the-Box. - Arcrest, who rode in the trunk of the minivan

So you just like to grope people? - Jolebin

He just did that because he wanted to rub his crotch against my arm. - Solomon about Jolebin

He already depantsed you? - Simu-Gary to Jolebin

I don't want you to fantasize about my crotch. - Simu-Gary to Jolebin

Someone told me that this is the con of unity. - Mikare

Where are the easy women and how do I kill shit? - Mataynd quoting n00bs who signed up during a promotion

There's nothing like the con to get you interested in playing again. - Tyrathia

We don't do well against impact weapons. - Redarch
Boing! - Matalynd

I knew I was addicted when I added up all my hours in game and it was more than I was working and I have a full time job. - Matalynd

I'm not a Stoner, I'm a SPlatter. - Vyrshkana

Many people would prefer a ten inch to a seven inch. - Jolebin.

Actually, I can do wonders with a four inch. - Jolebin
It's not the size that matters, it's how you eat it. - Aleximarus

Seven inch mushroom. - Tyrathia.
Another seven-inch mushroom. - Redarch, pointing to himelf and Aleximarus
I'll have a four-inch mushroom. - Jolebin
Everyone starts laughing.
I won't think any less of you. - waitress

I, of course, have never perfected the art of bra removal. - Jolebin
I can put one on for you. - Algion

Oh, shit, I forgot she was at the table. - Algion
That was your first mistake. - Jolebin

I just want to know who not to be a dick to. - Algion
I think he's just attracted to men with guns. - Jolebin
You weren't supposed to tell! - Algion

Did Redarch die? - Algion
Where'd he go?- Tyrathia
Explosive diarrhea? - Jolebin
I told you, you're not supposed to tell. - Algion

If Redarch doesn't get back here soon, I'm going to eat his mushroom. - Tyrathia

You're nothing if not predictable. - Shavay about Tyra's quotes

We're trying to get the waitress to show us her tits, but Dave's the one doing all the asking. - Algion about Jolebin.

Banana Pitt? I can see Peach Pitt, but Banana? - Shavay on celebrities naming their kids weird things.

Don't talk a lot, you'll end up on that thing. - Paschein about Tyra's quotes

Dave, you can kiss other parts of her and make her feel better, all right? - Algion

Would you like to read this year's crop so far? - Tyrathia
How many do you have?! - Essentius
About six pages. - Tyra
Already!? - Essentius
I ate dinner with Algion. - Tyra
Oh, that would explain a lot. - Essentius
And Jolebin. - Tyrathia
(Note: This conversation was repeated many times over with many people including Solomon.)

Oh, we forgot to eat, teehee. More drink! -- Kia

Escort tasks probably aren't the best things to do in the middle of the lobby. - Tyrathia

You swatted a fly off the windshield by firing a cannon at it?! - overheard in the lobby

Dude, you're Satan and I love you. - Boomsplat about Belnia

It started out as an innocent party until I told Paul to show up with some Captain's and Malibu. - Hepsik

If you want to say fuck, say fuck. - GM Votary

You're talking to people who've been drinking all afternoon. - Alasia to hotel staff

Ollie was spooning Brad. - Eugenides
Yeah, I didn't have the pleasures of spooning Brad. Yet. - Dhask

Oh my god, she's hot, I'd so sleep with her. - Ollie/Naos (on a picture of Alex's g/f)
Oh my god, I do sleep with her! That makes us, like brothers! - Alex
Brothers with benefits. - Eugenides (next day)

That's new. - Tierus abut Varulv's denim kilt
It's new from yesterday. - Varulv
That's my entire frame of reference today. - Tierus

You can also register me as Mularosian Jesus if you like. - Tierus

It's like Bejeweled with RPG elements! - Belnia about Puzzle Quest

Are you gumming something? - unknown

All right, this is called the Dwarven shuffle. This is what happens when Clunk tries to shuffle. - Clunk trying to shuffle munchkin cards

New house rule, cause I just thought of it - if you're in earshot of another game of Munchkin, you can play modifiers to that game. - Krakii

My wolf steed carries a really big rock. - Clunk

I put down a thief hireling and he killed it to go up a level. - Krakii
Immediately. - Belnia

You have other dwarf abilities, right? - CLunk
I'm a dwarf. - Aiza

I can be a gnome. - Vesmera
Or you can be something useful. - Belnia

My wolf steed is carrying a big rock with convenient handles. - Clunk

I don't want to shrink my wolf! - Clunk

Is that sleigh balls? - Clunk

I've been flashing everybody today. - Obseden

Is it true I can get cookies all the time? - Jolebin

Does anybody-oh, there you are. - Solomon

Hurry up, wait in line - Lucius

I bring liquid warmth and numbness. - Eldreth

We're supposed to be yellow, but there are so few of us in our game they forgot our lanyards. - Alannis

I don't drink. I don't smoke. - Solomon
What do you do? - Etsk

I'm Vyrshkana this year. - Vyrshkana
Spell that. - Rinae going through badges.
V - Y - R-That one. - Vyrshkana

I'm not doing this thing, I have no artistic skills. - Eldreth
I have autistic skills! - Etsk
You have autistic skills? - Eldreth
I have autistic skills. - Etsk

If you sit there for too long, the chair will catch on fire. - GM Liia
Because you're hot? - Jolebin

It's nice to have someone who appreciates the fact that I never stop talking. - Jolebin

I hope I wake up tomorrow. - Dhask

If you were a boy, I would touch you inappropriately and eliminate your virginity. - Jolebin

If we talk about male/female anatomy, she won't be able to stop typing - Jolebin

Now I feel guilty because I feel like I'm stealing real lesbians' girlfiends. -Asharael

I challenge you to a feminine whiles off. - Jolebin.

Go for his nipples! - Ashareal to Aleximarus about Zairius.

Say something incriminating and she'll put you on the internet. - Ashareal

Am I going to need a magnet? - Ashareal
Why is she typing? - Ashareal

She's a viscious little gnome. - Essentius about Vyrshkana

I'm going to have the imported Japanese water. - Essentius

Squee! - Aleximarus

Is squee a quote? - Kirafern
It is now. - Vyrshkana

I am well rolled. - Essentius
You know, that sounds wonderful. - Arcrest

I'm from New York. I was raised with chopsticks in my hand. - Lytaria

While visions of sushi dance in our heads. - Essentius

Please be patient, I'm the only one working the whole hall, and I don't even work here. - Scott, the waiter at Deep Blue Sea

I can say that because I don't work here. - Not-a-waiter Scott

Put the whole thing in. - Not-a-waiter Scott

Do you have any uni? - Aleximarus
Sea urchin? - Not-a-waiter Scott
No - chef
You want me to go get some? It's only 18 hours to New Orleans. - Scott to Aleximarus

Actually, I think I took off everything I was wearing and handed it to him. - Essentius on winning an hour with a GM alterer

Come play with us. We'll mess with you. - Essentius to Vyrshkana about trying AoH again

I went from zero to the highest level forest gnome and the highest level ranger in plat. - Vyrshkana
And the highest level ball of annoying energy. - Tymelord about Vyrshkana

Hey, Krakii, wanna have sex?
Oh, I don't know.
He's there.
- Elonka mocking how easy it is to get Krakii to join a Settlers game

You know something's wrong when you log into DragonRealms and you realize, "Hey, this isn't DragonRealms, it's Hero's Journey." - Pomae

He's a nice guy, but he's still an asshole. - Caelumia about someone

We're getting profiled? - Durnil
Yes, you're getting profiled. - Tyrathia
Racially? Because that's fun. - Durnil

Who gets to be Harry Pitter? - Pomae
You. - Ysselt

Race in game - Tyrathia
I race around quite a bit - Leucius

You just gotta make sure it doesn't smoke menthols. - Pomae about smoking turkeys

Yeah, see, last time I played I peed in my pants - Vesmera

You know you drink too much when Captain Morgan puts you on their mailing list. - Pomae

Honest officer, I was just trying to help the sheep over the fence. - Elonka

Do you want my underwear? - Elonka, pulling up her shirt
No thank you! - Tyrathia

I suppose I would be burned at the stake if I asked if World of Warcraft was installed on these computers. - Troyan

Human? - Tyrathia
Yes. Oh, wait, in game? - Morgatha

I'll be the person of dubious sexuality. - Krakii

Oh, thank god. - Tyrathia
You're welcome. - Tilarium

Watch what you say around her, she'll quote you. - Etsk

Somebody left the seat up! - random quote from an Order of the Stick game.

My dad's insane and if I get a speeding ticket I'll never hear the end of it. So I got this ticket and I didn't want my dad to know, so I needed a reason to buy the car so I could get my own insurance so it wouldn't show up on his insurance, and the only reason I could think of was I was moving out. So I moved out and bought the car so I could hear the end of it. - Ashareal

Support the head. - Jolebin
Don't shake the baby! - Aleximarus

Is Jesus a crack baby?- Jolebin

I have a theory. - Ashareal, sniffing Jolebin
What's that? - Jolebin
All gay men smell good. So far it hasn't failed. - Ashareal

Never take combat advice from an empath. - Zairius

Hey, you're upright! For a change. - Jolebin to Aleximarus

Does it have a zipper? - Spiritshadow

I like being an it. - Icewhite

I really kind of enjoyed being Belcar. - Krakii

Oooh which card was that? - Clunk after Krakii and Anatae swap OotS characters

They can reach out and touch you. - Krakii about ranged attacks

There are no levels, there is no roleplaying, it's just kill shit. - Krakii about OotS

Odds are Hailee's going to beat the crap out of the poor little rat. - Krakii

Someone's kidney? It's still warm. - Icewhite bribing Krakii in OotS

Everyone wants to kill the forgetable goblin. - Illuminatis
That's 'cause we all want to forget it. - Icewhite

Hailee take the loot? Oh no. -Illuminatis
SHOCKING. - Krakii

Keep an x, a loot falls into the room and hell yes, I'm going to take it.-Krakii

Which helps my cleavage.- Illuminatis, beating an OotS monster

You know the difference between a druid and a dryad?
A druid's a treehugging bunnyfucker and a dryad's a treefucking bunnyhugger. - Illuminatis

He's not a player. You can smack him around all you want. - Krakii about Tilarium

She likes to spike herself, it's her favorite hobby. - Rvain

It's not a matter of trying, it's a state of being. - Krakii about Elan's pissing off Roy

Yes, I have great cleavage. - Illuminatis

There's a Scotsman out there with his hand up a sheep's ass. - Illuminatis

I'm the designated doorjamb for the next two hours. - Calaveth

They're making you draw? - Vyrshkana
No, someone gave me a piece of paper and a box of crayons. - Krakii

Robert count good. Robert work for CPA. - Krakii after miscounting something in Settlers

I got wood for your sheep, man. - Krakii

The ranching begins. Robert's a happy camper. - Krakii

What do you call a Scotsman with a herd of sheep?
A happy camper. - Krakii

And one for not unzipping the pants! - overheard in the gaming room

Remember when reviewing this that past performance is no indication of-- - Krakii on Settlers

I'm pretty much a happy Scotsman. - Troyan

Who are you, foil? - Krakii to Clunk, who was playing with the red set wrapped in foil to replace the missing green set of Settlers pieces
Curses, foiled again. - Troyan

Ooh, it smells happy. - Kia, sniffing an undisclosed bottle of liquor

Everyone is hung to a gnome - Krakii quoting someone from platchat

I sat on my leg and now my ass is wet. - Gothique

Most bands from Ohio suck. - Gothique
Now if they're girl bands, that's not a bad thing. - Krakii

Yeah, and I've got hairy nipples for you. - GM Oscuro, in beerpong

We were actually happy you weren't with us today because we were saying a lot of stupid things. - Jubalee
And this is news? - Vyrshkana

Are you a ranger? - Aleximarus
Sure. - Sothios

And now I'm going to interrupt. - Solomon interrupting
Speaking of highlights, I think this is one of the best highlights in GemStone. - Solomon on Kia

I have a little something for you...- Solomon
Shut up...-Kia

Bugitem. - Kia on the typoed plaque
Bug it! - Solomon

There's going to be a lot of doom and destruction.- Kia
Yay! - Belnia

These are things that are going to be done next year or someone's going to die. - Kia

Because there are a lot of ways to die. - Kia

Yes, there will be betting. - Krakii
That's almost the coolest part. - Kia

Are you going to make me pay? - Kia
Oh you'll pay. - someone
The GMs pay. - Kia

So that real soon now doesn't become a joke. - Kia
Become? - Krakii
Continue to be a joke. - Kia

A tornado that rips your head off, I don't know. - Kia on weather

Why don't you have a drink? - Morgatha
Good question! - Kia

Nice play-by-play. - Kia

What is the status of thrown combat?
It's useful.

Do you think it's a 2008 goal? - Kia
Sure. - Ted

They're Elanthia's ninjas. - Oliver on rangers

Do you want to talk about alchemy Oliver? - Kia
No. - Oliver

That's about the coolest thing I've heard all day. - Kia about Phrelcon's head in the AdG in Plat

Can it not involve burning Solhaven to the ground AGAIN? - Vyrshkana about town-centric storylines
No, we're going to turn Solhaven into the ghetto! - Kia

I don't think it's going to suck. - Kia about the switch from MjS to MnM

Who's in charge of tailoring? - Kia
Oh god don't look at me. - Alyias

What about squares? - someone
You mean they're not perfect already? - Kia

What about having high level squares being warded by 300 to 400 points? - Stealth
Is that before or after you cut my head off with your massive sword? - Kia

Which of the Adventurerer guild taskmasters is the most susceptible to bribes so I can get more of the tasks that I actually like? - someone

Was it you that asked if we could code DDR? - Kia

Oliver's going to have the biggest table and we're all going to be lonely playing tetris. - Kia

What we've decided to help things along is -- - Kia
Kill all the elves? - someone

I see a nice big empty space with a beautiful woman on either side, so I'm set. - Clunk

When I walked away from the game last night, where was I headed? - Clunk
To hell? - Tyra
Well, I've been heading that way for a long time. But they keep closing the door on me. - Clunk

We have eyes out over here and bounty points over here. -Clunk pointing to the women sitting beside him

That's a little incestuous, even for game! - Tyrathia about Xip and Morganbin both being Gwenddolyn's siblings

I'm not a space munchkin! - Tyrathia

Oh, and you have to listen to Clunk snoring in between cart rides. - Clunk about a Sol-Vaalor escort task.

It pays to not play drunk at two o'clock in the morning. - Vyrshkana

You were here when I left. You're here when I came back. I'm exhausted and I wasn't even drinking! How do you do this?! - hotel bartender

I'm not sure about the atmosphere there, it's a little strange. I'd expect to see cambrinth vibrators. - anonymous DR player
I supposed it would buzz when you charge it. - Another anonymous DR player
I suppose then if it snaps when you cast it'd be a bad thing? - unknown DR GM

Got quotes? - Tyrathia

If you want to tell us how awesome checkbooks are... - Taiven

It will be teh awesome. - Varulv on the LOAN system

The liches are coming! - Varulv

And what all are y'all selling today? - Mikare
I'm selling half eaten bread. - Varulv

I'm planning to not do alterations for a month. - Taiven
We're boycotting alterations. - Varulv

I don't intend for there to be a lot of roleplay at all. I'm just going to kill people. - Zaramoth

Just call me awesome. - Zaramoth after being told it takes forever for Vyrshkana to remember face AND name.

I have that log! - Vyrshkana about Sir Heavybottom Pantshead
What? - Mekthros

So when's the next festival? - Tyra
DOn't look at me. - Ysselt

It's a round table. I asked everybody for an agenda, and they gave me coffee and donuts. - Auriane

If you can survive being shifted outside Stormwill Tower, you can get shifted. - Tyrathia

What about in plat?! - Sete about force shifting
Obseden holds up a piece of paper with NEVER!x5 written on it.

Is TTK ever going to stop sucking? - Reene
No, because sucking is integral to the spells power. - Armifer

I get pulsating and glowing all the time. - Reene
You may want to have a doctor look at that. - Jolebin

Not to nerf my own ability to abuse it, but... - Raecear

When are bards going to not suck? - Ysselt
You don't suck. You're a very nice person. - Armifer

But that would cause a lot of problems: screaming, people trying to kill me... - Armifer on possibly making all combat spells check target

A spell that makes you climb or die! - Raecear

Fireshard is weak. Let's make it! - Armifer

We'll take off all our clothes, get some mounts, and go riding in there, but because horses are broken we won't get anywhere... - Raecear

So I can't use it for auto-erotic asphyixiation? - Jolebin about Tyra's power cord

He can lead pixie dancing skills...- Samsaren

We're still here. We're still working on things. - Ellsdragon quoting 'missing' Paladin GMs on the boards
This has been your weekly update. - Tyrathia

Here's the regulation on how you lace your boots. - Nehros about light paladins

I revealed the names of the necromancer spellbooks.-Armifer
Oh, really? - Tyrathia
But they're gone now. - Armifer

You're kind of an asshole, you know that, right? - Ysselt
You knew that already. - Armifer

Combat isn't really what moonmages do, but they can cast a partial displacement and blow your head off. - Armifer

Is this your favorite part of the con? - Raecear
No. - Armifer

Why have a warrior mage in a box? - Armifer
So you don't have to feed it as much? - Raecear

What about non-projectile target? - Zairius
We don't know, it's just a concept right now. - Armifer
How would that work? - Mazrian
We don't know, it's just a concept right now. - Armifer

Rise, raccoons of death. - Zeyurn

Make a naked necromancer and...- Zeyurn

That would require becoming more familiar with warrior mage spells. - Armifer
Armifer pauses.
Armifer shudders.

If you don't want to join a sect, you're going to be sectless. - Laelia

You've got some busy sheep. - Waveshell
My ewes are happy. - Arcrest

I asked Bubba if I can be a GM when I grow up. - Arwinia

So do you know how to play? - Eryn about Settlers
Yeah, more or less. - Krakii

You got frog's legs, it's called viagra, man, okay? - Arcrest

I am a pretty pretty princess. - Teeklin

I gotta trade with you, I got tons of wood. - Arcrest.

That's all a convention is, wasting time. - Arcrest
Yeah, but we could have been wasting time talking about fucking. - Settlers table in concert

You screwed her with sheep?! - Arcrest

9! Yay!
Home Run! - Random yells from various Settlers players

Sorry for the culinary torture. - Vyrshkana after having her dinner delivered to the game room

What position do you want me in? - Overheard in the game room

I'd say you're starting to push it and he's starting to pull. - Solomon
I'd say you're egging him on. - Rowan

I think it's fitting that we're closing with a giant cock. - Taleek

Creativity...execution... - Taleek
and feathers! - Shavay

"What the game really needs is more cheese. Flaming cheese. With hair." -Rottcloar

Isn't he just poultry in motion?

I thought it needed an editor with a backbone and a decent understanding of the English language. Not to mention it was three hundred pages too long. - Tyrathia about Harry Potter #5 and why she quit reading
Welcome to the world of Robert Jordan. - Krakii

You told us not to get you started. Why are you starting? - Tyrathia
I have poor self-control. - Krakii

I'm getting really distracted by cleavage. - Emeradan


Apparently they didn't want me to drop it. - Tyrathia on how tightly her new laptop was packed into the box.

Oh my god there's an axe in my head. - Krakii

Does the new one bounce? Let's find out! - Shavay on Tyrathia's laptop

I've got meat on my bone. - Simu-Andy

Oh, you're not Maria, you're much shorter! - Andy

So now it's time for the wet tee shirt contest. - someone after the hotel sprinkler broke during, and at, the parking lot party
I guess. - Solomon

It couldn't have been better if it had been scripted. - Redarch about Tyrathia winning the new laptop
Sometimes it just works out that way. - Solomon

My hair looks good because I pay a hairdresser a lot of money to not ask me what I want done with my hair. - Elonka

Alliance of Heroes is all played by lesbians. - Arcrest quoting someone else

The basic one is much easier to play drunk. - Krakii about Settlers

A one-year subscription to GemStone or DR. - Krakii 'quoting' the prizes Elonka has for the people who solve the metachallenge in her book.

I script my cybersex and I put in roundtime. - Etsk

There's no consistent person in them? - Marrk
Yeah, there's a very consistent person in them, unfortunately they're in a painting. - Styil, trying to figure out who a lost digital camera belongs to

Hey, your grasp of the obvious is pretty firm. - Samsaren to Mithyl about his description of Tyrathia's reaction to winning the laptop

Alliance of Heroes is all played by lesbians? I did not know that. - Raecear

I don't want to be in any quotes. - Mithyl

His uncanny business sense is based on crack dealers. - Marrk on Mithyl

You're running out of time. You better hurry up and say more funny stuff. - Raecear

So how are we feeling, Miss I went to bed early? - Illuminatis to Vesmera

Congratulations on winning the laptop. I haven't seen anyone so excited about winning something in a long time. I was kind of afraid your heart was going to explode. - Rencelas

It's better to know your real name than your GM name. That way they don't know who to bother. - Belnia

It's kind of like breakfast. And it's kind of like lunch. It's kind of crazy. - Rencelas

Hey, Tyrathia, did you add your own quote: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! - Jolebin

Counting down to simucon 2008 already. - Redarch.

Ok, I'm here, time to start drinking again. - Elonka

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