Simucon 2008 Quotes

Another bumper crop of quotes.

If you are not at least 18 years of age, stop reading and go somewhere else.

Really, I mean it.

Don't blame me if your parents get mad.

Rampantly out of order. No D&D this year, either. Sorry!

To quote a t-shirt I saw at a con a few years ago: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be misquoted and used against you.

Any quote which doesn't have who it's by after it is unknown. If you know who said it, please let me know!

Vyrshkana/Cheesecake Gnome

There is one right here in the lobby. The question is, how much of a fee they charge. - Eldreth on ATMs

You have the honor of being the first person quoted at this con. - Vyrshkana about Eldreth

I have enough problems with creative deaths. - Catalia

She got to help me get in trouble. - Catalia

I got to help her get in trouble. Once? - Jubalee
Once? - Anika

Watch what you say when she's around. - Anika

She didn't write down my vibrating suitcase line, did she? - Catalia

Is my phone vibrating or is it my luggage? - Catalia
What's in your luggage? - group
You don't want to know. - Catalia

Those must be some interesting lessons you're having. - Anika

He's the best guy ever, and he flirted with Garrett. And Xenos. Xenos just kind of blinked at him a couple of times. - Catalia on Hautaeus

He asked me, is he gay. And I said, 'Kinda bi.' And he started flirting back. - Catalia on Garrett

I was trying to be a gentleman and not assume that it was a totally inappropriate sexual thing, but it was! - Jolebin on the vibrating suitcase

Make that four quotes on the vibrating suitcase thing. - Vyrshkana
And we just got started. - Catalina
It isn't even really officially the con yet. - Damsall

My lips are burning, and not because of some guy's stubble. - Jolebin

Something that opens and closes that is not a store, door, book, suitcase/bag, or laptop. That'll be my pants. - Arcrest
Something that changes shape. Pants.
Something that rolls, other than a suitcase or luggage cart. Pants.
Something wet, other than water. Pants.
Something that distorts objects. A bottle of vodka.
Something that magnifies sound. A bottle of vodka.

Where are you from? - Jolebin to Damsall
Over the rainbow. - Arcrest

It's so old, it's got plants growing out of it. - Arcrest

Stop forking around. - Arcrest

Sometimes he likes to watch. And take pictures. - Jolebin on Arcrest
Everyone thinks I'm hilarious cept her. - Jolebin, purposely misunderstanding me

Wait until Sunday morning when everyone has their pictures on their cameras. We then EMP pulse the hotel. - Arcrest

And no dropping your laptop. - Arcrest

This is going to suck. - Vyrshkana
Suck like a typhoon? Suck like a hoover? Suck like a leech. - Arcrest
Suck like your mom. - Jolebin
Suck like my mom? My mom doesn't suck. - Arcrest

That's an incredible step into nerdery. - Belnia about Dhask's eye of Sauron tattoo

What's a round table? - Catalia
This - points to table - is a round table. - Arcrest

Do you store stacks of stock? - Arcrest
Her stock stores in stacks. - Valkesh

How much for just the dessert pastry? - Vyrshkana about the deep fried cheesecake

I will spoon you. - Arcrest
While you're spooning her, I will fork you. - Damsall

Hey, it's white and creamy. You figure it out. - Arcrest

Now, the test of that was when I got run over by a forklift. - Arcrest on pain being damage messages.

Armor is for pansies. So he's obviously a daffodil. - Mfberg

Armor is for pansies. A loincloth isn't armor! - Flamesong

Us? Drink? In this game? - Damsall

I had no clue there would be drinking at this place. - Damsall

Score! I am God! - Arcrest
No, I'm god. - Flamesong
Hey, I got the whole table to sing Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. - Arcrest
That doesn't make you God. - Flamesong

I am stuffed. - Jolebin
So that's why you're so quiet. - Flamesong
You know, I would have thought you'd be really noisy if you were stuffed. - Vyrshkana

Isn't that cute? He thinks coming to the Con is about the games. - Flamesong about Valkesh
No, it's about drinking, smoking, and...I'm not going there. - Vyrshkana

Speaking of drinking, I need to... - Flamesong
...go find something alcoholic? - Vyrshkana

I have hands full of booze. - GM Liia
That's news? - Vyrshkana

I just want to know who said it. I don't care if it was a lie, I don't care what kind of booze it was, I just want to know who said it! - Vyrshkana

I have a titanium spork and I know how to use it. - Eldreth

Whoever's got wood for sheep... - Eldreth

He said, I asked him for a blowjob, but it was way downhill from there. - GM Liia

I'm just a fan of the meat. - GM Sirina

If you can't pronounce it drunk or sober, it's probably a bad name. - Belnia

I am completely retarded, I admit it. - GM Vesmera

I'm really glad I stopped that sentence where I did. - GM Liia

I can be an enabler. - Brevis

I was going to say, too bad we're all a bunch of English majors instead of chemistry majors. - GM Liia about what happened to the sangria

Poison. Is that Scottish for pretzels? - GM Vesmera

And she makes out with cotton candy. - Neil
Oh, in that case, everybody cares. - GM Liia

Do gay guys have bachelor parties? - GM Liia
Well, yeah. - Jolebin
So you just call it Friday night? - GM Liia

This is from back when Michael Jackson was a black guy. - Jolebin about the music at Drunken Fish

Your head is blocking the cock. - Jolebin

Authentically Made by Egyption Jewish slaves. - GM Liia telling a story

So it's like a feature alteration. - Belnia on Liaa's description of her son's eyes.

There's not a lot of activities-- - GM Korelys describing vacation
But you're on the beach with booze! - GM Liaa

I never get laid in Vegas. I sometimes get laid here, but I never get laid in Vegas. - Jolebin
You never know what you'll catch in Vegas. - Belnia

Did you squeal like that when you saw it? - GM Liia to Jolebin

The face you make when you can't remember the line. - Jolebin
Smell the fart. - GM Korelys

Hey! Rose Tyler's a whore. - Jolebin
You're surprised? - Belnia

I just got flirted with, and you think that bothers me?! - GM Liia

Yeah, we're on the beach-- Liia
With boobs? - Sirina

She was patting herself down, and I'm like, boobs? Check. - Sirina

What time is tomorrow? - Solomon about when registration opens
Tomorrow starts at midnight. - Oolan

Shit what'd I just say? - Krakii

Got it got it got it got it. - Clunk

If you want the perfect quote from clunk, it's I didn't do it. - Clunk

What did I do now, when I didn't do anything? - Krakii

It's time for other games to experience the joy. - GM Zeyurn

We sent Ssra over to Cyberstrike. he really likes his robots. - Dartenian
And enormous mecha invade Crossing. - Zeyurn

Robocopicles the Return: The official version. - GM Zeyurn

Coke or Pepsi? - Andy
Coke. - Waiter
I'll take iced tea. - Andy

One of these has to stick. It'll probably work better if I put glue on the back of them - Andy about campaign slogans

Are you taking quotes? - Carli
Yes. - Vyrshkana
Shit. - Carli

Get me the cherry! - Leucius

It's like hitting a wall of information at sixty miles an hour. - GM Zeyurn

Hi, my name is Sindak, I play DR and I don't keep logs. - Sindak

There's a movie where someone keeps mangling words like that. - Mnute
No that's George Bush. - Andy
That's not a movie. - Mnute
We just wish he were a movie. - Damsall

I made my famous chicken enchiladas for the Christmas party. They did not last very long. The enchiladas. - Mnute
I was going to say. The guests, or the enchiladas? - Krakii

CCFD showed up first. - Alex
So he died. - Mnute

At least it's not a vibrating suitcase story. I've had one of those already. - Vyrshkana

That was one of the loudest screams I've ever heard. I think I can still hear it. - Mnute

Warning: You're not able to read this. Are you sure you want to push the power button? - Mnute about the monitor not installed messages when booting Vyrsh's computer

The trailer trash version of Trivia Pursuit. This game ROCKS. - Shavay

So I can see how many times over the course of dinner that I can say penis? - Jolebin

She didn't hear me, so I didn't get quoted. That's all that matters. - Clunk

I wonder if the sheep get nervous when the wood is near them. - Jolebin.

Sheep are belong to us. - Clunk reading Krakii's nametag
Let me guess. - Vyrshkana
All you're didn't fit. - table in concert

I hugged Solomon because I like touching him. - Jolebin

I wonder if Solomon getting hugged, Solomon getting hugged and enjoying it, and Solomon getting hugged by a female and enjoying it, was possibly was written with me in mind. - Jolebin

You guys are making this too easy for me. - Jolebin
Everybody gets wood. - Krakii

CFA stands for can't fucking spell. - Krakii

Something is bothering my allergies. - Vyrshkana
Hopefully it's not me. - Clunk

Next time I ask for permission to do all these neat merchants, you say no. - GM Liia

There's like eight of them, I have twelve shops. Do you think I remember which ones are hers? - GM Liia on Taiven's EG shops

Anybody would like some wood? - GM Altiran

Please pass the wood. - Krakii

I've got wood and I don't care what you give me. - Krakii

Wood Street? Not so much a street. - group after getting to Vivian's

I'm gonna talk your ear off for about five minutes. - Laura, the waitress at Vivian's
Are you going to keep the ears? - Vyrshkana
Maybe. - Laura

It's fun getting people to do stuff. - Jolebin

So is that the laptop you won last year? - everyone

Do you want to go to hell? Because little girls who lie go to hell. After their spankings. - Jolebin

There are no calories at con. - Flamesong

Donuts don't have any calories when the HOT sign is on. - Flamesong

If you want your food to not have calories, especially chocolate, store it on top of the refrigerator. Calories are afraid of heights so they'll flee the scene. - Flamesong

Does the beer soup have vegetables in it? - Belnia

I have a question. The cardinal picatta? - Shellwind about the dinner specials
It's a little red bird. - Laura

A dozen different Cat characters in DR. - Catalia
A dozen Cat characters? - Vyrshkana
Catalia, (and a bunch of other names) - Catalia
I thought you were talking about Prydaen. - Vyrshkana

I have to kill these things before they point at me. - Belserath on hunting frost giants at level 19

Clunk hasn't made it into the quotes. - Clunk
Actually, Clunk has made it into the quotes quite a lot. - Vyrshkana

You all color so purdy! - GM Cirath

Something we're not allowed to talk about outside the con. But we're in con now, so... - GM Oolan

If you're unconcious, that means they can't see you, right? - unknown

We should have rainbow leucros that give a psychedelic affect. - GM Dartenian
Cammo leucros you can't even see in the room... - Leucius

Attack of the Drizzitzitstzits. And kill em all. - Leucius
Have a spell that targets black-skinned, white haired elves. - GM Oolan

I think that's a little extreme. And then he tried to get a sex change. - GM Quarel on lengths gone to to win Assassins
Hey, mom, I won Assassins. - GM Quarel

Yeah, next time we log into game, Leucius is female. - GM Abasha

Instead of Leucius, it'll be Luscious. - GM Abasha

The first time I spelled the name, I went, Oh, no I look like a hooker. - Leucius

I'm thinking alcohol is somehow involved. - GM Oolan

Is shift legal now, or do you still have to pretend it's a big secret? - Vyrshkana
I don't think anybody cares. - GM Abasha
I think that's the correct answer. - Leucius

Forced shifting in allowed as long as Sateria has permanent shock. So everyone but Sateria can do forced shifting. - GM Oolan

Consentual forced shifting. - GM Oolan

Sateria is attempting to shift you. Do you accept? Type yes or no. - Bursaal
And if you type no, it works anyways. - GM Quarel

I'll be back. - GM Abasha
Is that a promise or a threat? - Vyrshkana
Yes. - GM Abasha

What about the P word? - Oolan
the play and find out word? Yeah, that's pretty bad too. - Ealdgyth

There's a list of things you're supposed to wear or not wear on Southwest. - GM Quarel
Like clothes? - Leucius

And then I left to get some ice. - anonymous
Cause they needed to cool down. - Leucius

I'm gonna go get a drink. - GM Quarel
There is nothing to drink in this game. - Leucius

The drink is not the problem. - GM Quarel

That's very not thief-like, you know. - Leucius
I'm really not. - Korsik

I believe that Megan's philosophy is cracked. - GM Korelys

You've conmitted a sin and you're not allowed to touch sorcery anywhere. - Voraviel

Does sorcery have a penis? - Vesmera?
Sorcery has so many penises it's like... - GM Voraviel

You got a little Ricky Martin in you. - GM Vesmera
Yeah. - GM Voraviel
That makes all the difference. - GM Vesmera

Would you like some baby shit yellow, perhaps? - GM Vesmera

My name is princess Emo. - GM Voraviel

We should make a dress out of those. - GM Voraviel
Thank you project runway phil. - Korelys

I got a beaver! - GM Voraviel, after taking a picture of, and passing a brown crayon around the table so people could read the label

Where do you get that from, the complete gay coloring book? - GM Voraviel

Coloring error. - GM Hadlir

You want to repeat that so I can get the whole thing down? - Vyrshkana

No, you still have rats in your pants. - overheard from the Order of the Stick game

I need a penis. - Deedi

During the DragonRealms state of Elanthia:
Well, we have the thing, and then we have the other thing. - Solomon
So everyone else gets to play with your thing except me? - Jolebin
No, actually, I have other people playing with my thing for me. - Solomon
You know, that's a lot of quotes that'll be posted on the boards. - Gwenddolyn
Yeah, but see, Tyrathia's not here, so they're not going to get posted. - Solomon

He should know better by now. - Redarch about Solomon escaping being quoted

After saying that in the State of Elanthia address, he should know better than to think that someone wouldn't tell me about it. - Vyrshkana

So you have a spy network now! - Flamesong on the Solomon quote

After 4 Rippentropps go up to show Solomon their costumes (they were all dressed up like Solomon) and Korsik shows up in a fairy costume with pasties over his nipples and no chest hair and wings:
Now he knows everybody IS crazy. - Gwenddolyn

You can't really quote that, though. - Jolebin on giving his big booty a smack (quoted) when they said to in a song during the dance Saturday night.

I need a penis. - Sloop, reading Deedi's quote
You already have one. - Vyrshkana

Everyone needs a little Captain M. Get in line and bend over. - Sloop

We couldn't do it without you. And the hotel doesn't let us get away with as much. - Solomon

It was AoH and gemstone and Dragonrealms people playing Rock Band. And Modus people watching... - Solomon

Awesome that a Dragonrealms player won the AoH Costume contest. - Solomon

You guys all get a copy of Rock Star starring Mark Wahlberg. It's one of my favorite movies. It's the story of a wannabe who got to be. - Solomon

Modus had a winner, because they had an entry. - Solomon

Charlaba (?) won first place for her monkey costume and I stopped her and had to tell her, But we don't have monkeys. She said, Oh, I thought it was just a costume contest. I didn't know we had to dress up like DR. - Solomon quoting

And this year's special prize for the Biggest Balls goes to this year's sand sprite. We weren't prepared for this kind of entry. So as a prize, Korsik has received season one of Walker Texas Ranger. - Solomon

For most original costume, Jason as Rick Astley...
But the judges did say they were never gonna give you up. - Solomon
We're gonna give Jason a copy of Hot Fuzz.

Most kills goes to Astari from Gemstone. And she's going to get a copy of Shoot em up.
And GM Estild from Gemstone was the last person alive. So with no small amount of irony, I'm gonna give him the first season of Dead Like Me. - Solomon

I'm not going to raffle off the musical instruments. - Solomon

Sometimes you just have to kill a bitch. - Sebastienne a town that's existed for about a hundred and fifty years and still doesn't have a stop light. - Sebastienne about a town in Virginia

We had a queen's wedding about two months ago. It will live forever in infamy, where 106 deaths were racked up in a little over an hour. - Sebastienne

They were afraid that rezzing us would crash the game. Unfortunately that did not happen. - Sebastienne

She turns to me and asks, "Yeah, when are you going to ask me to marry you." And I said, "I guess I'm just waiting for the right time." - Sebastienne, then goes down on one knee.

Thank you for this, glory to the Danes and don't buy from Suru. - Sebastienne

We can make our own fun. - Andy

We have different concepts of fast. - Wes Long

I remember faces, but not text. - Vyrshkana
But you play a text based game. - Belserath

I work for Simutronics but I don't play any of the games. - Wes Long
You're just a bad employee then. - Vyrshkana

The object of the game is to score points. - Ex-GM Nionon
Obviously. - Shavay

This is an inn, right? - Vyrshkana
No, that's just a bridge. Over the river Kwai. - Simu-Andy

If I did Snape, I'd swallow. - Mourdian

Here, putty putty putty. - Pomae
Prydaen? - Leucius
No, that'd be more like, Here, whiner whiner whiner. - Pomae
You might want to check the boards right now. Because that's the Rakash. - Oolan

The one that would have woken him up would have been someone going, Ooh, did the bikini fall off? - Pomae

It was a lovely pair of coconuts. - Leucius about Jason's costume

You know you wanted those coconuts. - Pomae

You're bringing your coconuts? - Leucius
Nah, I got watermelons. - Pomae

Shifted nuts? - Pomae
Oh, my god. - Vyrshkana
She's the only one who got that? - Pomae accusing four current DR GMs/players

The real problem is that the Bard and the Paladin used Thief signs to get around the quotes. - Oolan

She was attached to that bottle. By her tongue. - Pomae

There's a lot of people who don't remember that room. - Pomae

Now, remember, Simucon is the only con you can go to where you don't lose your cherry. - Pomae

You could drink that whole bottle tonight, but I wouldn't bet on the kind of visions you're going to get. - Pomae about a bottle of absinthe

I've got it all, but in retrospect, nothing was interesting. -

I don't know how to get to the airport.
Just follow the airplanes, man.

If you slide off that couch, we're going to slide you under it. - Pomae
Okay. - Redarch, falling asleep in the lobby

There are some things that should stay between a man and his camera. - Pomae

We should go to Bubba and ask him, Hey, is it just one of those things, or has the thing happened already? - Pomae

What meeting? - Vyrshkana asking about a meeting on Wednesday
We're having a cookout. Roast Necromancer. - Pomae

He got brains. He went to sleep. - Pomae about Redarch

I think I just blew an eyeball at him. - Oolan

Man, I ain't going up there without a guard dog, three tons of explosives and a really fast car. - Pomae
I'm gonna leave you guys with one word before I go to my last resting place. Creamy. - Pomae

Congratulations, you have won a free laptop. - web ad
What the hell? I already have one. - Vyrshkana
Every twenty thousand quotes she gets a free computer. - Leucius

I'm not shooting for perfect sense, I'm just shooting for something that doesn't make people scratch their heads and say "Wha?" - Oolan on armor feats

Is your bed taken? - Quezlo to Jezika about room 1217
In a manner of speaking. - Leucius

My con cherry's popped, so I'm good. - Quezlo

There's going to be puce leucros? - Leucius
To go with the puce assassins. - Vyrshkana
Yeah, but they would cause the assassination of the leader of the puce assassins. - Oolan

That's what they get for trying to plug the coffee maker in at the same time they're starting the engines. - Jubalee on a flight delayed because of a blown fuse and having to sit on the tarmac for two hours

Oooh, I got a quote. - Jubalee

So I was wearing a pair of pants with a party in it, and it was a door, so I could go pants into my pants and wind up right back where I was. - GM Leonius

He'd forage roses and get a glass of whiskey. - Jubalee

What if you make a psychedelic weird zone? - Arcrest
That's anything Wanderstar touches. - GM Jubalee

So what's going to happen to Simucon after Hero's Journey comes out? - Vyrshkana
Uhhh... - Solomon
We'll have 20 years before we have to worry about it. - Jolebin

Only three of us really enjoyed that. Four of us. - Solomon

I'm going to pretend like I never heard it. - Solomon

And I kissed your neck. I earned that title. And it turned into randomly making out with people. - GM Liia

We had all that tongue action at breakfast. - GM Liia

I stuck my fork in my mashed potatoes and pulled out bacon. Why can't that happen every time?! - GM Liia quoting someone else

I can't eat tapioca. It's a texture thing. I hate having little balls filled with gooey stuff in my mouth. - GM Liia
There goes your social life. - GM Voraviel

This is Miriam's cleavage discussing tapioca. - GM Liia narrating the video

You thought that live hot girls work for the power company? - GM Liia

There's nothing wrong with ass. - GM Liia

He would catch fire, I would turn into a mexican. - Azarii about going out in the sun in Arizona

It's a plus two shirt of dancing. Cursed. I can't take it off. Gotta get a cleric. But it does accentuate my white boy dancing skills. - Urwin

You're my favorite GM except for all the other ones within earshot. - Urwin

All I've done since I was sixteen is lift shit. - GM Aurdun

Do you remember talking to me last night? - Solomon
No. - Quanette

She was gonna say what's up, she goes "Gagunk!" - Phii

It means hello, or goodbye... - Phii
I love you, I hate you... - Redarch

I always get downshifted until I'm like fifteen years old. - Quanette

Stop it. - Azarii
The quotes or the photos? - Urwin
The photos. - Azarii

I feel like she's writing a movie script. - Azarii
Basically. - Solomon

If we did a movie of DR. - Solomon
McCauley Caulkin. - Phii

No one's been able to connect in here all morning. - Solomon
Then how come I'm playing Gemstone? - Vyrshkana
Ok, no one normal has been able to connect all morning. - Solomon

This is worse than stocks, he's going to get fined like four plat. - Urwin about Ted Stevens (R-AK)

Don't worry about it being strange. It's only strange the first time! - GM Xayle

Have you ever thought about giving out someone else's name when you get quoted? - Clunk

I didn't do it! - Boomsplat
Yes you did. - GM Liia
I probably did it twice. - Boomsplat

She wouldn't do hung like a walrus, so I had to go with gargantuan. - Boomsplat

He already made your wife happy outside. - GM Liia
Oh yeah. - Krakii

I am here at your beck and call. What would you like to ask? - GM Kaikala

Because nothing says romance like Kappa skins. - Nali

Oh, we're going to make you wanna go to town. - GM Kaikala

There's a movie where someone keeps mangling words like that. - Mnute
No that's George Bush. - Andy
That's not a movie. - Mnute
We just wish he were a movie. - Damsall

I made my famous chicken enchiladas for the Christmas party. They did not last very long. The enchiladas. - Mnute
I was going to say. The guests, or the enchiladas? - Krakii

Do I know anything? - Clunk
Obviously not. - Vyrshkana

Oooh, a ten! I can go almost anywhere. - GM Hadlir
Except somewhere useful. - Belnia

I bet I know what I've loined. - Clunk
I bet you do. - GM Hadlir

I don't care who the murderer is, it wasn't me! - GM Hadlir

There is no cap, so they're doing something wrong. - GM Mestys

He must not know something. - Clunk about GM Hadlir

Well, he did it with the shoe. - GM Liia

He did it with the dog? - GM Liia

I'm off to - Clunk
See The wizard the wonderful wizard of oz! - Damsall

The Colonel was in the kitchen with the chicken. - GM Liia

What made them sticky? - Clunk
Something red. - GM Liia
Something red? - GM Hadlir
Something wicked. - GM Liia

Are you seriously questioning the seriousness of the seriousness, Krakii? - GM Hadlir
Seriously? - GM Liia

Coffee flavored beverage? - GM Liia
Raelee nods.
Caffeine flavored beverage? - Vyrshkana
Mmhmm!! - Raelee

Curses! - GM Hadlir
Foiled again. - GM Liia

We're not hypocrits, we're just--GM Liia
awesome. - Kilthal
Selectively enforcing the rules. - GM Liia

I like how all the Gemstone people are actually in their ballroom while all the DR people are standing outside, like, it's not time yet. - Kilthal

The thing is, monks did not go semis, they went squares. Magical squares, but squares. - GM Mestys

Oh, fuck those sirens. - Belnia

Why can't unbalance be that useful? - Belnia
Because we don't want it to be. - GM Oscuro

Will that effect sales shops? - Krakii about 1212 cloak of deception

Can we throw familiars with Telekinesis? - Raelee
No. - GM Oscuro

Telekinesis is being coded by Mestys, who's also doing the thrown review. So that should give you a hint. - GM Oscuro on whether or not hurlers will be able to use chipped bricks and smooth stones as weapons

The players are too scared to ask you, so we will. - GM about when Monks will be released.

Can we get double wides? - anonymous on new housing system in GS

Are you going to allow breaking and entering?
Probably not. -
How about peeping toms?

I can't have a pony, right? - Raelee

I think there should be a privacy setting so you can tell the GMs it's okay for them to come in and screw with--let me rephrase that. - GM Liia

...and possibly the release of Balrogs. - Andy on mining/smelting

Can you dig a mine, and purposely collapse it on other people? - GM Naos

Will the logs used to shore the mines be usable for archery? - Krakii

I don't know how well cardboard boxes can anchor a mana pool. - GM Naos

Yeah, cause I'm the master of gay. Ha ha ha. - GM Voraviel

I need some nice, evil V'tullian flamberges. - Belserath

ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - Vyrshkana

My sheep is looking for a pig. - Krakii
That would be some weird looking offspring. - me

They go boink boink boink just like the rabbits. - Simu-Andy
No comment. - Bambina

What's the difference between the big guy and the little guy? - Belserath
The big guy counts as two little guys. He's the one that responded to that spam ad. - Krakii

I'm a husband, not a slave. I know there's a slight difference, but there it is. - Boomsplat

I remember when Death Rum was blue and slightly poisonous. - Boomsplat

If you roll up a half-elf, don't let me know it's you, and I guarantee I'll hit on you. - Belserath

How do I know that Robert's going to go home, roll up a half-elf and take it to Icemule? - Belserath

I worked for Simu last year, but I was forbidden to come here because of all the free booze and women. I no longer have the wife problem, so here I am. - Belserath

1050 Barry White. - Raelee
Spell of Seduction? - Mnute
Yeah. The steel golem prostrates itself in front of you. Raelee

When did Laura leave? - Mnute
Yesterday morning at the crack of stupid. - Sloop

She doesn't play anymore, does she? - Mnute
Laura? She logs about 80 hours a week. - Sloop

It's amazing how we get a crowd for everything. - Anika
Yeah, it's like, we're going to go do...something. And everyone's like, hey, yeah. - Sloop
I gotta go pee! - Mnute
That requires at least six. - Flamesong
I guess we're covered then. -Mnute

Megan's phone number, three hundred points. - Mnute on alternative photo scavenger hunt items

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