Ok, ok, I've been promising this for years. Yes, I know. I'm sorry. I've had way too much stuff on my plate. Anyways, if your site isn't on here, either I forgot it, or, well...I'm only currently listing sites I use. And I don't use a whole lot.::cower::

DragonRealms Links

Guild calculators, foraging database, and more miscellaneous information than I know what to do with.

Fillia's food
Someone who's given me more food info than I know what to do with. Literally.

Veii's Veranda
All hail the Origami Calculator! And some other stuff, too!

Apu's DragonRealms Kwik E-Mart
My first stop when starting to re-do my gem documentation.

GemStone IV Links

GemStone IV Library: For Players, By Players
One of the most comprehensive data storehouses for GemStone I've ever come across. The staff has been a godsend in helping complete various DRFP projects, and I am proud to be able to reciprocate.

Elanthian Maps
Map warehouse for both GSIV and DR maps. Very nicely done.

Cattriona's GemStone III Library

This is the site that saved my rear for a ton of reasons too many times to count in GS. And DR for alteration help, believe it or not. Better than a thesaurus!

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