Site Statistics

Most people wonder why I do this. The few that don't, probably should. Here's why.

As of 11:35 pm, September 29, 2004, DragonRealms Future Past has the following:

320 folders
64,647 files
168,628 links
11 broken links
132 orphaned files

Average file size: 500 bytes
Largest file: 680 KB
Smallest file: 66 bytes
Graphic files: 5
Total size of website: 42,035,731 bytes
Total size of website on disk: 271,073,280 bytes
Size of website compressed: 29.2 MB

The average DragonRealms festival has approximately 800 files(not including repeated merchants. The average GemStoneIV festival now has 5000 files. By the time all of the festivals under construction or repairs are finished, this website should be closing in on, if not past, the 75,000 file mark.

Just thought someone might like to know.

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