What's new for DragonRealms Future Past:

A Note from the Webmaster

I honestly can't say how long, or if, I will keep updating this website with the type of recreations and materials you've become accustomed to. I have acquired a helper on the site, who is working on making it searchable. The following projects may or may not come to fruition. Some are half-done, some are in beta, some are only in the planning stages.

New planned/in progress stuff since then:

The Good, The Bad, and The Hideously Ugly: All the stuff that should NEVER have gotten past Simu QC, but somehow squeaked by. This is not a bad alterations gallery.

DR Shift notes--not the in-depth research that some Coalition empaths have done, just personal observations made through many many many many shifts.

Polls. Enough Said.

A guide to supporting DRFP -- Yes, for all you DRFP viewers, here's how to help support the site.

DragonRealms Stuff

Old assisted wedding grounds, from when couples were allowed to design their own areas.

GM openhouses.

April Fool's announcements.

Taisidon 1--In Beta-testing. Mibgluc's Revenge--In Beta-testing. Taisidon II if I can find some more logs. Corik's Secret--Under Construction.

A small library of various current(past) event type meetings.

Choryu cake prize lists from the Rathan Carnival.

Early auctions -- Feast of Eluned, Theren silver and token, Ice Festival silver and Token.

Freestanding merchants.

Gemstone III

The Elanthian Warehouse and Storage, Ebon's Gate 2001 & 2002 **Done and Posted**

April Fool's announcements.

GM openhouses.

Modus Operandi

Character background information.

Literary costume party.

Trivia for the Stupid.

Laelia's maps.


Alliance of Heroes

Freestanding merchants.

Cross-Game Interests

Comparisons of systems, style, and atmosphere.

More original merchants.

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