6th-Year Premium Token Auction

All information was either gathered by myself or generously donated by the winner of the item. Cesiro closed the containers so the look descriptions of the contents.

an engraved oak belt charm
Small and round, this wooden charm has a small hole drilled through the top, with a piece of rawhide through it that can easily slip onto the wearer's belt. The engraving itself, a Bardic Spirit Knot, appears to be a simple carving with a faint image of a bell entwined in the sea of strands.

Bards only.

Original Winner: Isaba

a dark blue velvet sack trimmed with silver satin piping
Silver piping is inset along the edge and seams.

an elegant oval sapphire and diamond ring
Royal blue highlights sparkle with each movement of the deep blue gem, giving the sapphire a mysterious quality. It is flanked by two brilliant matched round diamonds.

a deep blue woolen greatcloak fastened with a silver-linked chain clasp
Lined with shimmering black silk, the greatcloak provides warmth as well as style, with each fold made to fall gracefully around the wearer.

an indigo watered silk shirt with billowing sleeves clasped with sapphire cufflinks
The shirt's soft material is generously cut. Its flowing sleeves are gathered at the cuffs by sapphire studs that highlight the rich watered silk.

some soft grey velvet breeches
some black leather bucket boots with generous upturned cuffs of dark grey suede

Original Winner: Mothac

an Ethna voucher
The image of a dragon chewing on an auction token is painted upon the surface of this fine parchment alteration voucher.

An Ethna voucher reads:
"This voucher gives the holder one alteration by the Merchant Ethna. She does work on leather, clothing items, packs and boots. No magical items please. Alteration guidelines will be enforced and this voucher is not transferable."

Original Winner: Songstra

a heavy steelsilk coin purse

Holds 3 coins.

Original Winner: Glenlivet

a gold-tinted tapestry woven with spun gold and copper threads and bordered with tiny golden topazes
The highly stylized tapestry depicts a unicorn lying next to a bubbling fountain in a forest glade, birds and beasts of a commoner nature gathering to gaze upon the wondrous creature.

Original Winner: Cloudcrest

a silver-banded ebonwood case

a pair of scale-embossed black leather boots
The boots are constructed of several patches of leather cunningly cut and sewn together to resemble interlocking dragon scales.

a sweeping black silk cloak depicting a majestic silver dragon with sapphire eyes
The heavy silk is intricately embroidered with a detailed dragon in silver thread.

an elegant obsidian ear-stud fashioned into the shape of a dragon with small sapphire chips for eyes
The dragon is portrayed soaring in flight, its wings spread wide and its mouth open in a half-snarl. The detail is so great that individual scales can be easily made out.

Original Winner: Kithria

a rough leather hip pouch with a dull iron clasp
some deep crimson robes belted with a wrought-iron chain
some dark leather half-boots
a heavy brown woolen cloak clasped with an iron velver
a battered leather broad-brimmed hat
an iron-tipped mahogany walking stick

Original Winner: Heironymous

a rainbow-hued silk gown tightly laced with gold cord
Carefully draped to fall in softly caressing layers, the gossamer silk slides sensuously across the wearer's skin with any movement, revealing shifting hues that fade from dusky violet to the pale pink of a summer sunrise. Tiny prismatic diamonds sparkle on the tightly laced bodice, refracting the available light into a rainbow of bright colors.

Original Winner: Batutisz

a rugged leather pack clasped with an iron horseshoe
The tips of the horseshoe are dipped in gold.

some fitted suede pants trimmed in dark fringe
some knee-high leather riding boots dyed deep amber
a loosely fitted pale muslin shirt clasped at the cuffs with gold horseshoes
a dark amber horse suspended from a fine gold chain
a dark suede longcoat with a wide leather collar

Original Winner: Dulcinia

a stained oak keg banded in tarnished brass
Auctioneer Cesiro says, "Still quite usable, however. Fill it with your favorite drink."

Original Winner: Vytoria

an Ethna voucher
The image of a dragon chewing on an auction token is painted upon the surface of this fine parchment alteration voucher.

An Ethna voucher reads:
"This voucher gives the holder one alteration by the Merchant Ethna. She does work on leather, clothing items, packs and boots. No magical items please. Alteration guidelines will be enforced and this voucher is not transferable."

Original Winner: Nightt

an ink-splattered voucher

Custom tattoo or inked alteration

Original Winner: Elizzibiana

a dark leather haversack clasped with a trio of trailing heron feathers
a polished bastard sword with a graceful heron-shaped hilt
an indigo watered silk devotional pouch
some faceted sapphire prayer beads clasped with a polished platinum heron
some dark leather sandals, some ceremonial nightsilk robes
a dark indigo crystal vial
a dark indigo crystal mortar etched with a starry sky
an indigo crystal pestle shaped like a smirking heron
a dark sapphire jar stoppered with a bright-eyed heron

Original Winner: Lagerby

a dark green velvet sack
an elegant emerald ring etched with stylized cresting waves
a sweeping sea-green woolen greatcloak with a flaring shoulder cape
a finely tailored shirt of blue-green silk with billowing sleeves clasped with emerald studs
some sleek brown leather pants
some dark leather bucket boots with generous upturned cuffs of rich brown suede

Original Winner: Starsha

a snake charm
Original Winner: Aurenox

a floor length jewel-toned tapestry edged with chips of semi-precious stones
Within the tapestry, a deep green dragon slumbers, curled upon a pile of golden coins and sparkling gems. A stray beam of light from a fist-sized diamond grazes the intent face of a roguish Halfling who is stealthily slipping from one shadow to the next behind the sleeping wyrm.

Original Winner: Showerd

a bright green silk haversack embroidered with frolicking pixies
a pair of bright green silk slippers with curled toes
Crafted from two leaf-shaped pieces of bright green silk sewn to a supple leather sole, each slipper curls to a sharp point capped with an acorn-shaped golden bell.

a pair of bright green silk pixie wings
Bright gold embroidery outlines a maze of intricate patterns on the bright green silk. Soft leather straps allow the pliable frame to hang loosely on the wearer's back, fluttering with any movement in imitation of flight.

a tightly-laced emerald velvet bodice
Delicate gold shadow embroidery outlines a pattern of falling leaves on the soft velvet. Tiny golden acorn charms adorn the ends of the dark silk ribbons that tightly lace the form-fitting bodice.

a layered gossamer skirt in shades of emerald and gold
Shaped like long flower petals, the layers of emerald and gold gauze fall from an amber-hued velvet waistband embroidered with tiny acorns.

a soft velvet cap shaped like an acorn
The rounded cap is crafted from soft brown velvet and embroidered in gold to resemble the top of an acorn.

a heavy golden girdle dangling carved amber acorns
Worked to resemble a chain of golden oak leaves, the heavy girdle is clasped loosely to hang low on the hips of the wearer. Tiny silver pixies perch on the cap of each polished amber acorn.

Original Winner: Alisya

a gnarled white ironwood staff topped with a pale grey ilmenite owl
The owl's carved talons dig into the ironwood staff, fastening it securely to its perch.

Original Winner: Soim

a pale rose parchment edged with a band of gold
A golden rose opens to reveal a young Human lass dressed in a shift of pale green.

A pale rose parchment reads:
"This parchment gives the holder one outfit created by Countess Vanassa. She designs the outfit with your input on color and fabric. This is not an alteration voucher, but she will consult with you on design. The outfit will consist of 4 items with one being a piece of jewelry."

Original Winner: Tyrathia

a huge chakrel stone
The lump of reddish-orange stone contains slender black streaks and large white flame-shaped inclusion at its heart.
Apraisal Value: 187500 Kronars

Auctioneer Cesiro says, "This was donated by Vishlan, who as far as I know, is the only person capable of working the stone to its true potential."
Auctioneer Cesiro says, "It has yet to be shaped and polished, so is not usable for meditation in its current form."
Auctioneer Cesiro says, "As an aside, that chakrel stone is the size and quality of the pieces that sold for fifty platinum, or so Vishlan mentioned."

Original Winner: Arachnae
Current Owner: Tyrathia

a supple kidskin hip pouch with a pewter clasp
The clasp is cleverly wrought to form a swan in flight.

a battered grey broad-brimmed hat
a heavy cloak of undyed grey wool clasped with a pewter swan
some dark blue robes belted with a tarnished silver-linked chain
a pewter-capped silverwillow walking stick
some soft grey doeskin boots

Original Winner: Danner

a Gerdahl card

A Gerdahl card reads:
"The purchaser of this card (and *only* the original purchaser) is entitled to one (1) piece of custom hilt or shaft work from Master Smith Gerdahl Malsen."

Original Winner: Scolex

a roughened black leather game-bag

a floppy black velvet cap pinned with a quail feather in a silver brooch
The gleaming, shield-shaped brooch has been intricately etched with twining thorny vines.

a square-cut linen shirt with a knotwork-embellished yoke
The shirt is a noble raiment of soft linen, laced at the neck and along the sleeves, generously cut and gathered by a decorative yoke that provides a smooth, handsome fit.
Worn as a shirt or robe even with armor.

a black suede hunting vest trimmed with silver buttons
Pocketed and worn as a shirt or robe even with armor.

some wide-legged trousers of raw grey silk with a silver-buttoned front flap
some dashing black leather boots with wide cuffs below the knee

Original Winner: Braunwen

a silk-lined velvet tip pouch embroidered with the crest of the Empath Guild
The tip pouch is made for easy storage of gems, and is used by gemshops everywhere to handle bulk transactions.

Fancy gem pouch.

Original Winner: Folcwyn

an ink-splattered voucher
Smudges of colors bright and dark cover the surface of this scrap of paper. Between the colors, a twisting line of script can be made out.

An ink-splattered voucher reads:
"This here piece of paper means I'll do a pair of matching tattoos, one for the person who won it at auction and one for a friend. It is not at all transferable, and attempting to do so may result in the voucher (and the people trying to swap it) bursting into flames, if I can arrange for that to happen. I'm a Gnome, so wear comfortable clothes, because you're going to need to lie down for this. -- Desya Tiffov"

Original Winner: Aavarine

a black spidersilk backpack
some fine spidersilk slippers adorned with round silver bells
a bracelet of onyx beads linked with delicate gold chain
a pale gold satin bustier tightly laced with black silk ribbons
a dancing skirt crafted from delicate strips of gossamer

Original Winner: Imiria

a rough leather rucksack
a polished amber medallion
a pair of heavy black leather boots with wide cuffs below the knee
some dark leather breeks
a gnarled mahogany walking stick
a black linen shirt laced loosely at the throat and cuffs
a black linen sash edged with a deep knotwork fringe
a ruddy leather cloak clasped with a dull golden shrike

Original Winner: Ediessa

a brown leather haversack
a broad leather belt with a chiseled brass buckle
The bronze buckle has been carefully wrought in the form of a leaping buck.

a fringed leather hip pouch clasped with a charging bronze buck
The bronze buckle is carefully wrought to form the image of a buck leaping forward with his antlers lowered.

some tall brown leather boots with side buttons of polished horn
The polished horn buttons are etched with the image of a twelve point rack of antlers.
boots are pocketed

a dappled brown buckskin longcoat with a fur-trimmed collar and cuffs
The image of a charging buck with flashing emerald eyes is burned into the fabric over one shoulder.

some soft brown buckskin leggings
a deep crimson shirt laced loosely at the throat and cuffs from

Original Winner: Paschein

a hand-tooled leather pack
an emerald and pearl medallion
a pair of heavy brown leather boots with wide cuffs below the knee
some dark green leather breeks
a green linen sash edged with a deep knotwork fringe
a white linen shirt laced loosely at the throat and cuffs
a forest green cloak with a silver nightingale clasp
a polished mahogany walking stick

Original Winner: Stormwave

a polished band of etched platinum bordered by tiny diamonds
Sparkling channel-set diamonds edge the band, giving it a warm glow. The center is engraved with the words, "With diamonds, who needs friends?"

Charisma booster.

Original Winner: Windreaper

a leather-backed parchment

3 pieces of work by Master Tinker Snarflepie.

Original Winner: Nishu

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