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DragonRealms has been my first and strongest love since I started playing November '96. It is the game I return to after months' long vacations in other realms, and the place I have made the strongest friendships, friendships I hope and pray are strong enough to last a lifetime.

I have played many characters there, starting with a War Mage, and ending as an Empath of some small renown. These are my archives, and I share them with great pleasure, as they are what has kept me playing the game when times are rough.

~ Tyrathia, Empath, Archivist, and Gem Collector of DragonRealms

DragonRealms Prime

*Merelew II Festival*

*Quest Wanted Board*

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If you like figuring out what items do yourself, do not look at these lists. Spoilers!

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DragonRealms: The Fallen


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