The Junkyard

The junkyard is my personal claim to fame. Or rather, infamy. It was my second main character who was corrupted seven times due to inventory that made this room a necessary addition to Elanthia with the move to the web. Before the migration, there was a warning when a character collected 350 or more items. And yes, the character him/herself counted as an item.

The world around you dissolves away....

[A Junk Yard]
You are here because you have too many items on your character. Please use the available garbage bin to get rid of these items. For more information on why you must dispose of some items, please READ the sign. When you are done, use the portal to return to the game. If you still have too many items when you try to leave through the portal, you will be messaged so. For a current status of how many items you have, use LOOK PORTAL. Thank you.
You also see a garbage bin, a really BIG sign, and a glowing portal.
Obvious exits: none.

>read sign
Having over 500 items in your inventory seriously increases your character's risk of being corrupted. A corrupted character loses everything, including all their experience, and may take several months to restore. To bring your character down below the 500-item limit, try cleaning out your mortar, and any other herbs, branches and low-value items you are carrying. Once you are under the 500-item limit, you will be able to GO PORTAL, and will be returned to the place where you left.

To see how many items you are currently carrying, type LOOK PORTAL.

>look portal
You still have 501 items on you.

>go port
Thank you for taking time to get rid of these extra items! It is greatly appreciated by the Simutronics staff.

Returning you to the game....

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