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As someone who very much enjoys group quests and encourages people to go and enjoy them not for the profit to be had, but for the spirit in which they are offered, I take a very dim vew of anyone who cheats, or attempts to cheat, their fellow quest team members out of that enjoyment.

The following characters, and their contact information, may change, be deleted, etc. at any time. However, I am posting these to help those who would want to avoid similar actions actually do so, and to ask that those looking to purchase items from quests not deal with these people.

Their crimes vary, but can include:

This posting is independent of whether or not there were any spoken or unspoken agreements about whether or not loot would be shared or Simutronics policy or lack thereof on such things. It is intended in the *spirit* of questing - cooperation among group members, ALL group members, for the enjoyment and gain of ALL group members.

I quote from Simutronics' official quest policy:

"If your group does choose to split up during a quest, please remember if you exploit the time apart to use previous knowledge to solve puzzles, obtain treasure, or otherwise gain an advantage for yourself or another group member, at the exclusion of the rest of the group, this could be counted as disruptive behavior."

For those of you listed here, if you want off of the list, feel free to track down the members of your particular groups and make restitutions. Once I hear that such has happened from those group members involved, I'll be happy to remove you name.

Layn - IM: ripcurlWSU
Juulmon - IM: kamikazzey

The above two appear to be either the same person, or very close friends.

Zanndor - IM: XalibabaX
Solundul - IM: GrandMasterTrent

All four of the currently listed are known to have used prior knowledge of the quest in order to cheat their team mates.

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