Stuff I'm Looking For

I've separated the items listed here by category. No prices are listed; if you have something here and are willing to sell it, send me an email or find me in game with an asking price. I'm also willing to do trades, so if you're looking for something, have a list of stuff you want ready.

Just forewarning, I do not have any of the following for trade:

Stuff Other Than Gems

This list is rather short thus far, which is why it's going first.


Some of these are specimens missing from my collection entirely. Others I'm looking for extras of, or for alteration purposes. And yes, I do pay more than the gem shop appraiser.

a small emerald a small grey pearl a small uncut diamond
a medium emerald a medium grey pearl a medium uncut diamond
a large emerald a large grey pearl a large uncut diamond
a huge emerald a huge grey pearl a huge uncut diamond

a small pink sapphire a cluster of amethyst crystals*
a medium pink sapphire a flawed seordstone talon
a large pink sapphire a black seordstone talon
a huge pink sapphire a crystalline dragon tear

a small black opal** a chunk of blue glass a tiny nugget of animite
a medium black opal a small glass marble a small glittering diamond
a large black opal a dragon's eye ruby a gleaming alabaster egg
a huge black opal a shark eggcase a large flawless diamond

* NOT the pin from Feleah's Family Crafts. It does not have a look.
** The type that appraise for plats, not those found in Adan'f.

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