Cursed Ship Quest:
Incidental Treasures

There is an *enormous* amount of incidental treasure on this quest. The items I have listed are examples; you may or may not find any specific items on your run.

Please be aware that there should be ten pieces of treasure in one of the puzzles. The list of this is separate.

Overall, there should be enough to completely fill an empty regular backpack and then some, not including normal system stuff(loose gems and locked boxes and such).

The following items I do not have any additional information on (look, read, appraisal, verbs, etc.). If you have them, please email me at with stuff so I can get it off my "I don't know!" list.

a bronze-edged brown leather backsheath with a lion claw clasp
a grey sharkskin belt pouch clasped with a platinum seahorse
an ornate golden platter
a pair of tailored trousers of black twill
a sinuous silver hip-chain set with emerald ivy leaves
a brown suede haversack adorned with dangling copper leaves
a silver-hilted cutlass inlaid with abalone shell
a polished silver and midnight blue visored helm
a straw bonnet with wide buttercup ribbons of satin
a golden-bladed onyx-handled letter opener
a hammered pewter goblet
a wide silver earcuff with a dangling string of colorful boobrie crest feathers
a flowing blue sundress embroidered with hundreds of tiny white blossoms
a polished sea pebble bracelet

The rest are as follows:

Large Incidental Treasure




Magical Items


Armor and Shields


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