Cursed Ship Quest:
Other Incidental Treasure

a battered leather bullwhip with a frayed tip

The leather bullwhip is incredibly pliant.
It appears that the leather bullwhip can be worn attached to a belt.
You guess that the leather bullwhip weighs around 175 stones.
You are certain that the leather bullwhip is worth exactly 20000 lirums.

an intricately carved ebonwood mortar rimmed and lined with silver
Silver partitions divide the mortar into four sections, each of which depicts a different season. The silver rim of each segment is engraved with herbs forageable only at that time of year. The silver lining has been brushed and polished to a warm luster.

The mortar is a container.
You believe that the mortar might weigh a few tens of stones.
You are certain that the mortar is worth exactly 1000 lirums.

some blackened wire-framed spectacles with streaked crimson lenses
Hues of crimson streak the lenses, blending and weaving together like flickering flames.

It appears that the wire-framed spectacles can be worn.
You wonder if the wire-framed spectacles might weigh a few tens of stones.
You are certain that the wire-framed spectacles are worth exactly 625 lirums.

a jade Glythtide figurine
The figurine has been carefully carved to depict the god holding a tart in his left hand and a goblet in his right.

You wonder if the Glythtide figurine probably weighs several tens of stones.
You are certain that the Glythtide figurine is worth exactly 20000 lirums.

a thin leucro hide journal
Long ties trail from the hide cover enclosing creamy vellum pages. The first page has been filled with annotated prose, while the second is barely begun.

A thin journal reads:
What matters if man lives if he sells his soul...

a mahogany pipe with an ivory bowl carved in the shape of a brigantine
Exquisitely carved, the detail in his piece offers a faithful representation of a ship with two square-rigged masts, creatively situated to leave enough room to access the bowl for use. A mangonel, mounted on board the tiny vessel, is so meticulously engraved that the dimpled surface appears to be metallic despite the fact the entire piece is ivory.

The mahogany pipe is a container.
You believe that the mahogany pipe weighs about 1 stone.
You are certain that the mahogany pipe is worth exactly 50000 lirums.

a counted cross-stitch picture in a wooden frame
The picture shows a vast heap of wilted herbs, cheap gems, and ratty pelts behind a junkyard sign. At the bottom is the motto, "Home, Sweet Home".

The cross-stitch is fairly soft.
You are confident that the cross-stitch weighs around 1 stone.
You are certain that the cross-stitch is worth exactly 500 lirums.

a gem-encrusted golden goblet
Burnished gold swathes the surface of this drinking vessel, scratches from the many years of service notched into the soft metal. Rubies and emeralds adorn the broad cup face while a line of amethyst chips spirals down the tapered stem to the base.

The golden goblet is made with metal.
You wonder if the golden goblet might weigh a few hundred stones.
You are certain that the golden goblet is worth exactly 300000 lirums.

a polished gold monocle wrapped in platinum ivy accents
Buffed to a mirror-finish, the elegant platinum strands of ivy enfold the thick gold frame to create a distinguished accessory.

a pewter-wrapped horn flask
Smoothed and shined, the buttery-yellow hues of horn peek through the twined pewter rose vines that wrap around the sides of the flask. Gaps between the vines are jabbed by the metal intrusion of thorns or leaf-tips, the cold material contrasting with the delicate image of blooming roses. A central vine, larger than the rest, coils and snakes to the neck of the flask, its bud comprising the cap that seals the contents inside.

a white-furred fuzzy Prydaen doll
The doll is wearing a black pirate's hat and a black-and-white striped shirt. A tiny silver cutlass is clasped in one hand.

You think it is likely that the Prydaen doll probably weighs a few stones.
You are certain that the Prydaen doll is worth exactly 2500 kronars.

a small e'erdream wood chest with an inlaid design
Set into the richly polished e'erdream wooden surface, mother-of-pearl and abalone create an iridescent likeness of a brigantine with full sails set against an unseen wind.

The e'erdream chest is a container, and can be opened and closed.
You believe that the e'erdream chest weighs about 2 stones.
You are certain that the e'erdream chest is worth exactly nothing.

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