Wren Faire Auctions

a five-strand neithrel band crafted from worn and dented copper
Covered in myriad dings and dents, this neithrel band has obviously seen a better day. A bright blue-green patina graces the surface of the darkened copper, and has even found its way into the links of each of the heavy chains joining the rings to the heavy bracelet. An etched phrase on the inside of the bracelet is now faded and worn.

A copper neithrel band reads:
"May the wearer of this band be forever reminded of the strength and pride of the Bards gone before."

One of the three originals that Marelien Thynlaesa studied.
Bard only.

Original Buyer: Khory
Original Price: 550000 Dokoras

an ebon black silk haversack

an elegantly cut sable silk gown hemmed with a sweep of twinkling silver stars
a pair of ebony silk slippers woven with a sprinkling of silvery threads


Original Buyer: Meanne
Original Price: 1300000 Dokoras

a carved rosebud music box
Carved to resemble a delicate creamy rosebud with hints of deep pink along the base, the petals look like they could unfurl if the box was opened.

The rosebud music box in Cesiro's hand begins to play a delicately sweet melody, reminiscent of a soft breeze whispering through the leaves of a starlit woods on a warm summer night. Within the rosebud music box is the intricately carved figure of a forest nymph clad in robes of layered oak leaves. With arms stretched high she turns and twirls, her eyes closed and head thrown back. Her tiny porcelain face glows, as if in response to the wordless joy of the dance.

The rosebud music box in Cesiro's hand continues to play its soft whispering melody.

The rosebud music box in Cesiro's hand plays a tune in a rising crescendo of sound like the rush of wind.

The rosebud music box in Cesiro's hand plays a few more soft notes before winding to a stop and falling silent.

Original Buyer: Zazu
Original Price: 480000 Dokoras

a cat's eye tourmaline bauble carved in the shape of Bardic Guildleader Macfrae

Original Buyer: Kythryn
Original Price: 50000 Dokoras

a loosely cut sapphire blue silk gown hemmed with a multi-colored beaded fringe/
a flowing emerald green silk gown hemmed with a multi-colored beaded fringe

Created by Dafny.

Original Buyer: Tyrathia
Original Price: 497500 Dokoras

an ice-white leather instrument case tooled with a dragon standing protectively over a Bardic Spirit Knot

a golden-hued silk cloth edged with an ivory and coppery fringe
repair kit
two refills

Original Buyer: Modd
Original Price: 303810 Dokoras

a segmented club/a segmented staff/a segmented pike

Unknown whether one handed or two as a pike.

Original Buyer: Kyomi
Original Price: 1023000 Dokoras

a glistening fire agate rose

Cesiro places his fire agate rose between his teeth, throws his arms in the air, stamps both feet in turn, then twirls around on his heel. With a final flourishing bow he removes the rose from between his teeth.

Original Buyer: Ellsdragon
Original Price: 1000000 Dokoras

a lunat-framed aquarium
Brushing through the clusters of blue-green waterferns at the bottom of the aquarium, an onyx-striped scarlet jewelfish swims in lazy circles.

Clear water fills a lunat-framed aquarium, in which swims a vibrant red fan-tailed karuuyasu. At the bottom of the tank, clusters of blue-green waterferns provide a frame for a bed of silvery sand.

Clear water fills a lunat-framed aquarium, in which swims a large disk-shaped viryasu. At the bottom of the tank, clusters of blue-green waterferns provide a frame for a bed of silvery sand.

Contains four fish.
Breaks if dropped.

Original Buyer: Belderaj
Original Price: 530000 Dokoras

a bright scarlet kidskin haversack fastened with polished golden buckles

a forest green gossamer skirt layered with diaphanous scarves of golden and crimson silk
The sheer silk scarves forming the layers of the skirt are weighted down with tiny golden bells and songbird charms, each polished and engraved with stunning detail. A long golden pin tipped with a matching songbird gathers the folds of the many-layered skirt up to one side, allowing the wearer freedom of movement from the heavy weight of the fabric.

a pair of green slippers
A tiny golden pin has been fastened to the toe of each slipper, engraved to resemble a small trumpet flower.

a vibrant scarlet bodice
A delicate golden chain of thorn-bearing vines has been embroidered along the sweetheart neckline of this low-cut bodice. A matching line of polished bells fashioned to resemble miniature trumpet flowers forms a golden fringe for the hem, designed to chime gently with each of the wearer's movements.

a soft silk sash
A long golden pin secures the ends of the sash together on one side, letting the fringed ends dangle freely when worn.

a polished medallion

Note: Cesiro did not show the long descriptions of all items. What is listed here is all the information in my possession.


Original Buyer: Lundgaard
Original Price: 1220000 Dokoras

a dove grey leather instrument case tooled with a panther stalking around a Bardic Blood Knot

a soft dove-grey silk cloth bearing a supple white and black fringe
repair kit
two refills

Shoulder worn.
Bard only.

Original Buyer: Blaayd
Original Price: 262100 Dokoras

a sturdy crimson leather backpack with thick braided straps

In the leather backpack you see a brushed-steel war lance, a chain chanfron, a chain crinnet, a chain crupper, an ash-handled hoof pick, a chain peytrel, a chain flanchard, a fleece saddle pad, a carved curry comb, an ash-handled mane and tail brush, an ash-handled soft brush, a thick silver blanket, a crimson leather saddle and a leather bridle.

Original Buyer: Beliel
Original Price: 600000 Dokoras

an antique silver bracelet set with a trio of large round pearls

Charisma booster.
Usable by anyone.

Original Buyer: Goou
Original Price: 8400000 Dokoras

a pear-shaped turquoise bauble with a depiction of the Bardic Guildleader Ezruh
Moderate amounts of black traces through this strong greenish-blue stone. Quality artistry has enhanced nature's sketch with a perfect cut to reveal the dark matrix in a human form. Fine etchings along the image, outlines unruly wisps of hair flying in all directions atop of the gentleman's head, and a simple, unadorned tunic with rolled up sleeves adorns the torso.

Original Buyer: Mellicent
Original Price: 441100 Dokoras

a carved ivory neithrel band fastened with five platinum chains
Intricately carved, the ivory bracelet and each of the five ivory rings have been crafted to resemble flutes that wrap around the wrist and fingers when worn. Four small teardrop pearls hang intermittently from each of the platinum connecting the two.

An ivory neithrel band reads:
"To remember, lest we forget the pain of those before us."

One of Marelien Thynlaesa's original creations.
Based on the same manacles that Neithrel Silverfrost wore when he was enslaved by Dzree.
Bard Only.

Original Buyer: Melissande
Original Price: 880100 Dokoras

an archer's brace pad crafted from supple snakeskin
Worked from the skin of some unidentifiable serpent, the brace pad has been dyed a deep black and branded with the image of a longbow-wielding hunter stalking a lone stag.

Longbow booster.

Original Buyer: Shillen
Original Price: 1100000 Dokoras

a pure white kidskin haversack

an elegant alabaster silk gown fitted with a platinum-trimmed gossamer train
With wings outstretched, dozens of silvery wrens are embroidered across the low line of the bodice, forming a chain that trails up along each of the straps to flow down the edges of the long train. A line of platinum bells weights down the folds of diaphanous gossamer, placed in such a way as to ensure a gentle chime accompanies each step of the wearer.

a delicate spiral platinum neithrel band embellished with white fire opals

Each of the settings for the opals are crafted from an oval plate of polished platinum engraved with the image of a mythical beast portrayed in repose with a musical instrument.

a finely woven platinum hip-chain adorned with large fire opal cabochons

Bard only.

Original Buyer: Unknown
Original Price: ?? Dokoras

a midnight black leather instrument case tooled with a dragon curled in sleep around a Bardic Spirit Knot

Shoulder-worn. Bard only.

an ebony repair kit refill
an ebony repair kit refill
a polished ebony repair kit fitted with silver buckles
a flat black silk cloth threaded through the edge with strands of ivory and silver

Original Buyer: Yarmilla
Original Price: 340000 Dokoras

a dazzling pink sapphire rose

Old Lilli stock.

Original Buyer: Damrus
Original Price: 520000 Dokoras

a pure white silk haversack

a high-necked ivory silk gown richly embroidered with a golden brocade
A part in the collar leaves the gown open to just above the heart. The fabric's golden edging matches that of the silken cords that lace snugly on each side of the bodice. Portrayed in the intricate ivory and gold brocade is a pattern of golden herons chasing unicorns through a storm of autumnal leaves.

a pair of ivory white silken slippers woven with a golden leaf brocade


Original Buyer: Alisyne
Original Price: 750000 Dokoras

a large wooden bead

Entitles original buyer to two original tattoos, one for a friend.
Recipient provides theme, Aruna supplies design.

Original Buyer: Valloa
Original Price: 3550000 Dokoras

some wooly black and white slippers with toy sheep heads


Original Buyer: Loaken
Original Price: 170000 Dokoras

a blue Tryllm voucher

A blue Tryllm voucher reads:
This voucher allows the bearer preferential treatment in regards to obtaining the services of the Merchant Tryllm Broone. When presented to him, the bearer may be taken in advance of any persons on his list, and is allowed a reduction of 50% off the cost of the work to improve or otherwise embellish an instrument (Costs of additional materials is not included in that reduction). This special auction voucher has no expiration date.

Bard only

Original Buyer: Nystarn
Original Price: 1000000 Dokoras

a salt-stained case

a foppish dandy puppet
This handsome fellow has gone beyond dapper and crossed into the realm of the ludicrously style-conscious. From his white gloves and dark suit all the way to his glossy black shoes, nothing seems to fit quite right. His hair is slicked back, and just a trace of lacy handkerchief peeks from his coat pocket. His expression is an attempt at a sneer, but ends up looking as if he were fighting with a sneeze and losing.

a drunken pirate puppet
Not much of this tipsy fellow can be seen behind the prize he holds to his heart. His bleary smile and crossed eyes leave no doubt that he's well into his cups and not likely to join in any fights -- unless someone reaches for his bottle!

a ship's rat puppet
Delicate shreds of paper form the whiskers that twitch with each movement of this diminutive paper rat. Its long pink tail is wrapped around its waist like a belt, and it bares its yellowed teeth in an expression that is either a fierce snarl or an attempt to loosen a stuck seed.

a sea monster puppet
An oversized head tops this small paper creation whose body is painted in coils. Purple and green and yellow scales are intricately detailed, while its face resembles a cross between a cat, a fish and a particularly grouchy Dwarf.

a dainty mermaid puppet
Long blond hair flows about the upper body of this odd-looking beauty, while her lower body has the vivid green scales and fins of a fish. She runs a seashell comb through her locks as if she hadn't a care in the world.

a shark puppet
Deep grey on its back and pale white on its belly, this shark squints around with deep black eyes. Its mouth hangs open as it shows the reason for its fearsome reputation.

a first mate puppet
This grouchy looking fellow wears a dirty black and white striped shirt atop a pair of cuffed tan pants with frayed hems. He clutches a silvery sword in one hand and squints out at the world beneath a black bandana that seems several sizes too small for him.

a cabin boy puppet
Wearing shabby clothes in a murky grey color, this young lad's face is smudged with dirt and he gazes at the broom in his hands with loathing and dread. In spite of his ragged appearance, his cheeks are quite pudgy, and a peek at his pockets reveals a flash of gold within.

a beautiful damsel puppet
Wide blue eyes gaze innocently out at the world above the lacy handkerchief this lass holds before her. Just visible in her other hand, a golden purse is nestled within the folds of her gown.

a parrot puppet
Vivid blues, yellows, and greens accent the painted plumage on this fine-feathered bird. His eyes are deep black and his beak bright orange. In fact, the only dull patch on the entire puppet is his oddly-shaped wooden leg which is splayed out to one side of the whimsical creature.

a ship's cook puppet
Stains from a thousand meals gone by decorate the apron on this diminutive puppet. With a tiny cigar dangling between his whiskers, and a sour expression on his face, he gives the impression that dessert is not on his menu list.

a pirate captain puppet
Crafted from carefully folded and painted paper, this diminutive puppet scowls at the world around him through his one good eye. His right eye is covered by a black patch, and he brandishes a silvery sword in one hand. A bright red coat and black hat add finishing touches to his appearance.

a small label
A small label reads:
"Tiny and delicate as can be, we'll dance for you alone. But never, ever eat us, or we will be all gone!"

Created by Tevva.

Original Buyer: Finton
Original Price: 1800000 Dokoras

a flaming red silk haversack

a sweeping crimson silk gown sewn with a subtle brocade
Dark crimson lace, woven with tiny phoenixes nesting among a tangle of flame roses, peeks along the gown's heart-shaped neckline and the cuffs of each long sleeve. The subtle pattern seems to blend into the similarly-patterned fabric when looked at indirectly. Cords braided from crimson and golden silk lace the bodice snugly down to the small of the back where they are pinned with a single golden flame rose.

a pair of deep scarlet lace slippers pinned with tiny golden flameroses


Original Buyer: Keridwel
Original Price: 750000 Dokoras

a nijare

Usably by Bards and War Mages only.

Original Buyer: Naria
Original Price: 3500000 Dokoras

a blood red leather instrument case tooled with gypsy lass cradling a Bardic Soul Knot in her arms


an ebonwood repair kit refill
an ebonwood repair kit refill
an ebonwood repair kit fitted with coppery buckles
a supple ebon silk cloth woven with multihued scarlet and green ombre threads

Original Buyer: Ruppi
Original Price: 300000 Dokoras

a tiny silver token

A tiny silver token reads:
"This token entitles its bearer to a pair of wedding bands, engagement rings, promise rings, friendship rings, or oath rings crafted by Jeweler Dyllis Glynn, from materials that Dyllis himself has available."

Original Buyer: Koranna
Original Price: 2250000 Dokoras

a creamy lace opal bauble carved in the shape of Bardic Guildleader Silvyrfrost
Expert artistry manipulated this opaque cream stone to coax a shimmering play from its translucent layered bands of gold, blue, and red into the concave faceted visage of the Elven woman. A small smile tugs at her lips as red tresses spill over a flash of blue that represents her tunic. Traces of gold form the harp at her side while a fiddle lies upon her lap.

Original Buyer: Solondar
Original Price: 180000 Dokoras

a small lunat-framed painting of the moonlit desert
Shadows enclose a lush oasis among the sands. Only a break in the trees allows moonlight to fall upon a pool at the oasis' heart, where a young S'Kra woman can be seen drinking from its sparse waters. A look of challenge apparent on her face, her gaze is directed across her cupped hands to the pool's other side where a jeweled king snake rests.

Original Buyer: Nightt
Original Price: 850000 Dokoras

a jade green silk haversack

a midnight green silk gown hemmed lightly with golden leaves
The gown is cut low to the small of the back and laced down from each shoulder in an intricate web of silk cords shot through with golden threads. Similar golden thread has been used to form the outlines and skeletal veins of dozens of fallen autumnal leaves along the hem, their forms swept up as if by an unseen wind.

a pair of dark forest green silken slippers embroidered with shadowy leaves

Original Buyer: Helgaa
Original Price: 750000 Dokoras

a colorful patchwork silk sack

a platinum brooch in the shape of a wren embracing a lute with her wings
a polished bronze circlet adorned with a hanging amber teardrop
a brightly colored egg
a fancifully enameled egg
a gaily painted egg
a gaily painted egg
a fancifully enameled egg
a brightly colored egg

Eggs are traditional Rissan wedding eggs.

Original Buyer: Fornary
Original Price: 700000 Dokoras

a fire agate bauble crafted to resemble Bardic Guildleader Yaziyi

Original Buyer: Valadimir
Original Price: 1705000 Dokoras

a steel-headed war mattock with a bejeweled silverwood shaft

Riverstone in the handle has interesting qualities.

Original Buyer: Mycal
Original Price: 3200000 Dokoras

a silver-inlaid lapis lazuli neithrel band with glistening twisted silver chains

Bard only.
Bonds to purchaser.

Original Buyer: Thyssa
Original Price: 1300000 Dokoras

an ebonwood flute amulet on an elegant silver chain

Special properties.

Original Buyer: Jiliya
Original Price: 1300000 Dokoras

a white spidersilk sack

a clingy gown of pure white spidersilk graced with a dusting of diamonds over its translucent sleeves

Created by Dafny.

Original Buyer: Lelai
Original Price: 1089772 Dokoras

a deep crimson wrist sheath

Comes with, and holds, 5 darts.
Allows one to draw without others seeing.

Original Buyer: Phairdon
Original Price: 4760000 Dokoras

some greenish leathery slippers with warty toy frog heads

Original Buyer: Sircha
Original Price: 200000 Dokoras

a nijare

LE. Bard and War Mage only.

Original Buyer: Lywyn
Original Price: 3800000 Dokoras

a glittering starlight ruby rose


Original Buyer: Kalyra
Original Price: 1705000 Dokoras

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