The Cursed Ship

I've been on the quest twice. These are the things I noticed would be of use; if you've been, or go, and have other tips, please feel free to email them to me at

  1. Make sure at least one of your weapons is blessed before the quest starts. There's a way to do it on the quest itself, but you may need it before you get that far.

  2. Don't spend a lot of time trying to figure things out when you first find them. There is no where you can't get back to; explore the whole area first and mark down areas that are or look like puzzles.

  3. Splitting up does help, provided your group cooperates and communicates with each other.

  4. Don't worry about designating a person or two to hold incidental treasure, unless it's heavy stuff like full armor. There's really too much of it for one or two people to hold comfortably.

  5. Listen to the penguin's evil brother. He's annoying and annoyingly helpful. You may have to stop and stare at him for a bit.

  6. There isn't so much a chance of death as a chance of being injured in new, creative, and interesting ways. That said, do have favors.

  7. Carry herbs. Nerve and skin herbs are particularly helpful. If your group has an empath or two, treat them well. You will need them.

  8. Time is at a premium. Refer to tip #2.

  9. There is only one 'boss' you *must* kill. There are others that have nice incidental treaure, but they are limited in number. The rest just gen like normal hunting critters.

  10. Look on/in/under/behind macros are your friend. Also check other/third/fourth/etc.

  11. When dividing incidental treasure at the end, do NOT DROP the following items:
    These SHATTER. As in no longer exist.

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