DR Humor: Life at its Silliest

We all have those stories that are just plain funny. Here are some of those I'd like to share.

How Much Would

...a woodchuck chuck...

It's a Bird!

It's a plane, it's...

Breeding Fluff

Or so it seems.

The Only Constants in Life

...are death and taxes. Guess which this one's about.

Cooking With Paladins

Serves 4.

Alphabet Soup

See what happens when you type too fast?

The Sapphire Strikes Back

Sometimes it's more than just a pretty rock.

Fun with Titles

Needs no explanation.

Opportunity Doesn't Knock

It wrestles with the door.

Inventory: Lose It...or Lose It

What happens when you get warned a few too many times about too much stuff.

The Things You Learn While Questing

A short tale of silliness on Corik's Tomb.

Lost & Found: Fundraising

Chatter on the Gwethnet spirals into insanity.

If A Tree Falls In The Forest...

Weird things happen to Traders after a crash.

What the Weather Will Be is Not as Important...

...as whether or not there will be weather...

Underwater Basketweaving

Underwater...well...not basketweaving.

Oneliners, Etc.

Everything too short for its own page.

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