If A Tree Falls In The Forest...

There is a loud *WHOOSH* as 0 reaver pelt comes flying out of the sky to land at your feet.

** Your character has been checked over automatically by our system to see if you are missing any crates or caravans from our last crash. Please check through to make sure we got everything. **

** If everything looks in order, and you no longer need GM Assistance, please type ASSIST CANCEL now. Thanks! **

You say, "That was weird..."

You blink.

Parsival blinks.

Orionelle asks, "what the heck was that?"

You say, "A mistake."

Cerran says, "Wonder if I could get some hunting leathers to do that.."

Parsival says, "it was the sound of no reaver pelts"

You laugh!

Parsival says, "sort of a zen thing I suppose"

You say, "It was the sound of no reaver pelts flapping."

You say, "Ah..."

Cerran says, "Hmm.. "

Cerran says, "So, if a reaver pelt falls to the ground in an empty wood..."

Cerran asks, "Would any one care?"

Parsival chuckles.

Cerran giggles.

Kylii chuckles at Cerran.

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