Oneliners, Etc.

Your mind hears Telein thinking, "Currently sitting utterly undefended on the White Bridge; ten shards of Grazhir, five holy books of immense necromancer-tainting potential, twenty helpless maidens with strong hearts, and a few dismembered heads...Get em while they're free you various freaks"

Your mind hears Toldorf thinking, "" "Um, did Palasix choke on his own flatulence?"

Blitor asks, "how difficult are the red leucros?"
Meadowe says, "Not sure"
Tyrathia says, "Harder than black ones."
Meadowe says, "show me a paisley leucro and i'll show you one tough critter"
Meadowe nods.

* A meteor whistles a merry tune as it skips across the sky as Chakram's soul departs forever to walk the Starry Road.

Announcement: The staff would like you to know that the person responsible for the previous message has been sacked.

Happy belated May Fool's Day.

Your mind hears Iscarious thinking, "That's it. If they decide to invade my cellar, I'll fight to the death. Until then, though, I'm guarding the wine.

System Announcement: While we appear to be back online, we are still experiencing a bit of instability. Please play with caution. We do suggest avoiding high-risk situations like hunting for the time being. Thank you!

System Announcement: Heck, you could always try roleplaying. That never killed anyone. Well...ok maybe it did, but it was fun!

Your mind hears Celanna thinking, "Dying can be rather entertaining if you don't take it seriously."

The Billing Department will be closing early at 3:30 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 17th for a company event, something about a Ring and a Mountain of Fire. It will be reopened as usual at 1 PM Eastern time on Thursday, December 18th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Your mind hears Vengtor thinking, "I make a far better cow than Kapi because even if she has more cows, I'm fat like a cow. So, yeah."

Your mind hears Vengtor thinking, "You can't really love a cow without being a cow. Or... something. Mmm, cud."

Your mind hears Telein thinking, "Well well, if it isn't my errant sister lieutenant? Done gallavanting around the world while I worry at home in curlers and a bathrobe?"

Your mind hears Schvartzgonif thinking, "if a bear pees on a flower in the woods does anyone hold their nose?"

Your mind hears Tikoro thinking, "" "Anyone get a gate to crossing or haven??"

Your mind hears Schvartzgonif thinking, "well, i tried to get the gate for haven, but my prybar wouldn't get it off its hinges."

Your mind hears Dwidus thinking, "what exactly is 10 eleven time?"

Your mind hears Dwidus thinking, "is it the same as 12 thirteen time?"

Your mind hears Sharuul thinking, "Greetings friends, short or tall,big and fat or small and bald.....furry,scaled,hairy,tough-skinned or slick I love ye all and ILL :hug: ye quick so enojy this day or my rymin will surely make ye sick"

Your mind hears Syrenie thinking, "Did I just step into some bizarre alternate universe?"

System Announcement: To celebrate his upcoming coronation Baron Gyfford Theren has decided to hold a festival in Therenborough and invites all the Realms to attend. Surprise, folks.

System Announcement: The GameMasters, of course, evil meanies that they are, urge all to protest this blatant capitalism. Coronations should be solemn events, not cheap attempts to finance the completion of the Keep. Support Higher Wages for Stone Masons: Boycott the Festival!

* Stupidity was just struck down!

Your mind hears Addlestone thinking, "Anyone need work done?"

Your mind hears Zoura thinking, "I could use a new hairstyle"

Your mind hears Addlestone thinking, "Get me some scissors."

Your mind hears Zoura thinking, "you'll just run with them anyway"

Your mind hears Addlestone thinking, "Yeap...But you'll end up with a damned entertainin' hair-do in the process."

Your mind hears Redmagrowl thinking, "can someone help me out and tell me where i can resign of being a citizen of shard?"

Your mind hears Teille thinking, "No! We dont allow defectors, sorry. Youre ours for good."

Your mind hears Mordamore thinking, "It's easy to quit being a citizen.. you just tell our local 'defector squad' they remove your head from your body, stick it on a pike, Plant the pike outside the north gate, and boom you're free of all future citizenship obligations! Just like that!"

Your mind hears Klurn thinking, "Gio thought you told me you could pick up aliens on your dental work.... what ya need with a gweth?"

Your mind hears Teamarie thinking, "big fat stalker in the gallery"

Your mind hears Mattreem thinking, "and i am not fat!.....oh, another stalker...."

System Announcement: No, Thrif, the fact you were getting trounced by leucros (HA!) had nothing to do with the armor appraisal bug.

Sabashtin chases his tail for a moment before capturing it and carefully tending the wounded area.

Your mind hears Addlestone thinking, "I think...some folks need ta buy lockpicks."

Your mind hears Doolgan thinking, "you make em unbreakable yet Addle?"

Your mind hears Addlestone thinking, "As close as anyone does."

Your mind hears Doolgan thinking, "close only counts in horseshoes, naptha traps and slow dancing"

Your mind hears Sorenne thinking, "I'm going to insist that all the men who have been chosen to be commanders go through my strict perusal for fashion and style. I've already noted glaring stylistic errors in a few. The women are okay, because they have taste."

System Announcement: The Droughtman's Maze run for tonight is about to start in 5 minutes! If you want to watch, go through one of the shimmering archways located around the Realms! Read NEWS 4 61 for more info!

System Announcement: Ok...NOW read NEWS 4 61...sheesh...sorry!

System Announcement: ::mutter:: You expect me to remember EVERYTHING????

report Code first, then drink. Code first, /then/ drink, gang.
Your message has been sent to all on-duty GameMasters.
Remember that REPORT is for *GAME-WIDE* emergencies ONLY. Please use another method of communication (like ASSIST) for *ALL* other matters that do not effect the entire game.

Announcement: It has come to our attention that many Clerics (and other players) dislike the term "Rezz." In order to be as understanding as possible to the wishes of our players, we will officially refrain from using this term from this moment forward. However, we are officially stating that starting now to kick off Hot Winter Nights 2003, "lag" is likewise an unacceptable term. In the future, please refer to this unfortunate phenomena as a "Fun-Pause" or a "Temporary Entertainment Delay." Thank you, The Management

The Sharks and Guppies game will commence at 930PM EDT. Sorry about the mix up, GM Rinae's brain has been abducted by aliens and kids with big sticks.

Your mind hears Damaria thinking, "I will need help.. Bartree.. I have a dead corpse.. where can I meet you? Presently I am in Gargoyles?"
Your mind hears Schvartzgonif thinking, "hum. wonder wut would happen if she had a LIVE corpse."

Your mind hears Blasword thinking, "Toulom where did everyone go?"
Your mind hears Toulom thinking, "Sir Blasword, the lordship and Ambassador Viptorian walked off. Then Silversparks trapsied off. And then I walked off because no one told me not to."

Your mind hears Mattreem thinking, "hey Tyrathia, ya stilling needing some help?"

Your mind hears Tyrathia thinking, "Aren't I always?"

Your mind hears Mattreem thinking, "okay, cuz i found a really good head doctor to help ya"

Your mind hears Balshin thinking, "Ye know what I heard today? To err is human. To really make a mess of things, it takes a gnome..."

Snowfair asks, "we can't bleed all over the floor?"

Reexa says, "Well you can but like I said, if you die, I am opening the list for people to laugh at you."

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