What the Weather Will Be Is Not So Important...

[Bosque Deriel, Grove Lawn]
Due east a clearing atop a small grassy hill rises to a point. At its summit you can barely make out a circular growth of plants at regularly-spaced intervals. To the southwest is E'erdream Bower gate, through which lies the Elven stronghold of Leth Deriel. Thick stands of deobar trees form an impenetrable wall around the city on either side of the arching canopy of E'erdream trees. You also see an ancient deobar tree.
Obvious paths: east, southwest.

It has been 371 years, 39 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
It is the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram in the year of the Silver Unicorn.
It is currently winter and it is night.
You think it's somewhere about the Anlas of Starwatch.

>observe weather
You glance up at the sky.
Snow is falling steadily.

>unlock tree
You pull an ancient deobar tree's ladder release rope out from its hiding place.

>open tree
You pull the release rope attached to an ancient deobar tree, lowering a ladder from above.

>go tree
You climb up into the heights of an ancient deobar tree.
[Miquiztli's Home]
Walls of rough-hewn oak and a dusty oak floor covered by a tasseled cotton rug enclose this room. In one corner lies a simple stick cot, and near the cot sits a sturdy oak table with an elegant letter opener and some steel-rimmed spectacles on it. Above a small firepit hangs a small lunat-framed painting of the moonlit desert. The room holds a faint scent of oiled leather. You also see a door.
Obvious exits: none

>beseech the sun to dry

You close your eyes, breathe in deeply and slowly begin to chant.

"Fiery sun burning bright,"
"I call upon your golden light!"
"Lend the power of your mighty ray"
"And from my sight chase moisture away!"

The sun seems to brighten with every passing moment.

Your body below the waist is continuing to drip water everywhere.

A brilliant shaft of light erupts from the sun and encircles you within its warm glow.

A bright beam of light surrounds you, quickly drying you in its warmth.

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