Fortune Cookie Proverbs

Fortune cookies were sold at the Zoluren Ice Festival and the Temple Reopening. The fortunes were written in Elven, and anyone else reading them got 'gibberish.' Here are the translations, generously supplied by Ryeka.

You read, "Yari Cichumbuen hich oruruen."

"Half a halfling is nothing at all."

You read, "Bir otamac eloric bir gul amisa taida fausan ton islemisa."

"A weed is only a flower where no one wants it."

You read, "Zaraten, buisen, maimen -- Sansoyasat?."

"Loud, proud, and vulgar- a politician?"

You read, "Hem bulen su, hem nechen pul."

"Water too high, money too low. Hey, that's life."

You read, "Cim ar burwa ebastisa, ar altan ebastisa."

"Who steals my honor steals my gold."

You read, "Diren, shiren, shiren, diren."

"Rich, poor, poor, rich. Or, as the humans say, life has its ups and downs"

You read, "Yureto hin yasu altatisa."

"Sulking doesn't gild the goldfish."

You read, "Gundogaren necu azcama hinscu amisa."

"A gor'Tog's work is never done. You realize that might have several meanings."

You read, "Nime iruzur Poz, sanzuzur Moz izentisa."

"What the fool calls luck, the wise man calls forethought."

You read, "Agnis aina ohe ruba."

"Wine is a window on the soul."

You read, "Cim ada agirtisa, pas edo agirtisa."

"Who hurts the island hurts himself. Obviously a proverb from Mer'Kresh."

You read, "Carromarro iniowrenmisa beltu lauwur."

"A crab can't learn to walk straight. In other words, it's useless to try to fight nature."

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