DragonRealms: For Sale

NOTICE: Until the current war is over, the barricades and gates and whatnot taken down, and things go back to relative normality, all sales are on HOLD. I cannot transport merchandise into or out of Shard without difficulty. I apologize for the inconvenience.

After almost 8 years in game, I've accumulated an enormous amount of STUFF. It's time I got rid of some of it.


  1. Prices are in Kronars, pick up is in Crossing. Yes, I know Tyrathia lives in Shard.
  2. This is a sale, not an auction. If you don't like the price, don't buy.
  3. Stuff is roughly sorted by type: clothing, jewelry, weapons, armor, magic devices, etc. Once in a subgroup, it's not in any order whatsoever aside from where it's located.
  4. The stuff with WOW ME under price I'm undecided as to whether or not to sell. It will take an impressive offer to part me from it.
  5. Item information (show, read, appraisal, etc) can most often be found elsewhere at DragonRealms Future Past. The source is listed; if I have time I may add direct links, but that isn't likely.
  6. Email me at hrshellkw@aol.com to place an order and arrange for pickup. Your AIM name and the character you'll be picking up with are required. I will not be taking orders by instant message.
  7. The reference code with each item MUST be listed in the email. If it's not, I'll ignore it.
  8. Please send ONE email per category, maximum. Combine them if you want to make the extra effort(I'd appreciate it!). If you decide a week later you want more stuff, please let me know, but excessive emails drive me crazy.
  9. Sales listings will be updated when sales warrant it. As there are several hundred, if not thousand, items for sale, this is more convenient for me than trying to run an email or message board sale or auction.
  10. Once lists are posted, priced, and sourced, I will not be updating them. Any additions will be to a Just Added page, both for your convenience and mine.
  11. Please do not email me asking if I have [insert item here] for sale. If I have it and I'm thinking about selling it, it will be posted. I already have a will-not-help list. I don't want to start a will-not-sell-to list.

Notes on Stuff:

  1. I just listed the stuff. I don't know what cambrinth is charged with what, how many charges of what spell/boost stuff has left, or anything. When I have time to research, I will post the information. I do know that the VQ2 end prizes are unused.
  2. Most stuff isn't priced or sourced yet. If you want something that isn't, send me an offer and I'll get back to you. I'm still sorting stuff out and just wanted to give people a chance to look.
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