a threefold staff     SH
a massive war hammer with a warped bone hilt     SH
a gnarled ironwood staff     GA
a razor-sharp huntsman's axe with the crest of the Bards' Guild engraved upon the haft     GA
a heavy ash quarterstaff bound in iron at both ends     GA
a massive double-bladed greataxe topped by a grinning ruby-eyed troll skull     GA
a black-handled battle axe     GA
a polished broadsword with a gleaming mahogany hilt     GA
a jagged edged black dagger     GA
a gnarled black willow staff carved to resemble a fierce dragon head     TY
a steel-tipped war lance wrapped with waxed silk     TY
a spiraling coral lance     TY
an ironwood staff surmounted by a sculpted ebony raven     TY
an ironwood staff surmounted by the sculpted image of a jade wolverine     TY
a silver-tipped Elothean longbow     TY
an iron two-handed sword with an ox-skull grip     TY
a bleached bone trident bearing intricate carvings WM   TY
a blackened-prong trident with a sharkskin handle WM   TY
a brushed silver claymore     TY
a serpentine walking stick     TY
a discolored broadsword faintly etched with a seven-pointed star     TY
a spiral-carved jade-hilted poignard     SK
a stone dagger     SK
a finely-honed steel daggerette WM   DE
a black feather-tufted spear     KI
a finely honed sabre adorned with a brass hiltguard shaped like a wren in flight     DA
a burnished broadsword with a leather wrapped handle and pommel shaped like a clenched fist     DA
a rust-scored steel machete     IT
a heavy iron crossbow with a twisted horn stock inlaid with tarnished bits of copper     IT
a black short bow carved into the shape of a stylized dolphin     RH
an amberwood flight bow wrapped in gilded leather     RH
a white lacewood crossbow set with a fluted black ivory boltplate     RH
a patterned bamboo staff sling     RH
a gold-hilted greatsword with the World Dragon engraved down the blade     AN
an intricately carved shortbow     VY

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