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I'm going to make the dangerous assumtion that everyone knows what an alteration is: that elusive opportunity to design your own item exactly to your taste. Well, within the rules.

Since I started playing DragonRealms, and then GemStoneIV, and back to DragonRealms again, I've had a good deal of experience designing alterations both for myself and others in both games.



Simply a listing of the alterations I've had done in these three games, and the stories behind their themes. While I put these on display, I hope that they are used for inspiration, and not copied.

GemStone IV
Modus Operandi


I've been given the opportunity to design many alterations for friends and acquaintances over the years. Here are but a few, whose owners have graciously allowed me to display the items.

DragonRealms - not yet posted
GemStone IV
Modus Operandi

Alterations I've Designed but Have Not Been Created

For whatever reason, there are some things I've created but don't have a home. Feel free to use them; please let me know if and when you do so I can move them.


Others have put together some thorough guides to designing alterations. Here's a few things most people don't think about.


Yes, I do design alterations for others. I'm very happy to, actually. Here's how to contact me, what to prepare beforehand, and what to expect.

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