Modus Operandi Alterations for Others

I haven't had a chance to do as many designs for others here as I have in DragonRealms or GemStoneIV, but here are the ones I've done, and can remember.

River asked me to get her guitar altered for her, since she was having severe connection problems. She gave me the tap description; since I'd gotten a ton of seagull alterations done (see Veshrali's gear, wardrobe, and non-clothing items), I modified it a little with great success.

an antique rosewood guitar with a mother-of-pearl rosette featuring doves in flight
Each bird unique, a flock of glistening doves spiral about the sound hole, their wings spread in a blur of pale pastel colors. The topmost pair mirror each other, aiming towards the neck, where more of the tiny birds soar along the fret board. A padded brown suede strap is attached to the guitar.


I think these were one of the first alters I got done in Modus; coming from DragonRealms and GemStoneIV where merchants overwhelmingly only alter one item per session, getting two pairs of shoes for me was beyond me, and I designed these as a gift for a friend who'd made an offhand comment about there being no decent cowboy boots.

Note: No rattlesnakes were harmed in the making of these boots.

a pair of brown snakeskin cowboy boots with two-inch heels
Lightly banded with bronze and gold, the skin of the snakes that made these boots glistens slightly. Small rattlesnake heads form the buckles on each, their eyes black-slitted red glass.

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