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Tyrathia, as my main character and having the most developed background history of everyone I play, is a fanatical follower of Eluned. Her personal prayer, unfortunately in Gamgweth, reads: Nama, oran, sel, saaf, alyin blar pama partani. It translates to: Salt, sand, sea, harbor, goddess guard this empath.

If you would like to read the tale behind her devotion, please do so.

Eluned's Solace

a filigreed silver armband with a leaping blue cambrinth dolphin

Cavorting through a cascade of sculpted silver waves, the sleek dolphin arcs across a cabochon cut sapphire Xibar. Tiny star sapphires hang from the outer edges as if flung heavenward with a flick of the dolphin's tail.

a child-sized silverwood mirliton painted in swirls of sapphire and indigo

Tiny dolphins dance and weave through a masterfully painted seascape, the silvery sheen of water on each giving it a serene and surreal appearance. Stars hang like tears set in the indigo sky, reflecting on the sapphire waves below.

a delicate silverwillow pipe sprinkled with sapphire dust

The stem has been gently stained with indigo, showing off the features of the wood. Playfully etched dolphins leap down the stem, embellished with sapphire dust that glistens whenever light touches it. Painted around the curved bowl are foamy ocean waves that embrace an image of Eluned wearing a lusterous gown, rising from the sea. Below the waves on a silver strike plate is the inscription, "Nama, oran, sel, saaf, alyin blar pama partani."

a deep indigo bag adorned with the beaded image of a stormy sea

Oblivious to it all, a beaded dolphin leaps over the waves, each with their detailed cottony white crests. A ray of light is focused on the dolphin, showing a bit of serenity in a raging ocean.

a soft leather coin purse embroidered with indigo waves and clasped with a whorled medallion in silky black and deep sapphire

A twined pod of pard claw and sapphire dolphins dart through beaded white jade crests from their silver filigree setting in the medallion clasp. The silver catchplate is inscribed with the words, "Nama, oran, sel, saaf, alyin blar pama partani."

an indigo leather bullwhip braided through with silver cording

Supple leather so dark a blue as to be nearly black forms the grip, the shade lightening as it extends out along the lash. A perfect star sapphire is embedded in the pommel, etched with a graceful leaping dolphin, while flowing script delicately wraps around the handle in silver threads.

An indigo leather bullwhip reads:
"Nama, oran, sel, saaf, alyin blar pama partani."

a polished mahogany viol inlaid with swirls of silverwillow

Slender veins of silverwillow are masterfully set into the body of the viol, shaped to resemble gently rolling waves through which dolphin-shaped sound holes dart and weave. Crushed blue sapphire clings to the edges of the sound holes, while tiny sapphire dolphins are set into each silverwillow tuning peg.

a serene priestess doll holding a twisted driftwood staff

Arms outstretched in benediction, the pale-skinned human smiles gently, tiny sapphire eyes twinkling. The indigo watersilk robes billow and shimmer around the doll, the hem edged with tiny beads of white coral and pearl, with faint shadows of dolphins hinted in the deep blue fabric. Its long silver-white hair is restrained by a delicate filigree circlet, carved to look like the crests of waves.

an elegant trinket case of deep indigo glass set with swirling silver wire

Nearly hidden in a maze of shadow and reflection, graceful etched dolphins dart across silver waves. The engraved seaspray forms clouds in the top half and branches out into the broad, beaded choker supporting the case. There appears to be something written on it

An elegant trinket case reads:
"Nama oran, sel, saaf, alyin blar pama partani"

a set of supple leathers with ocean waves worked into the indigo leather

The supple indigo leathers looks somewhat damaged. The image of the goddess Eluned rises from a cloud of seaspray over the chest, a pair of dolphins leaping gracefully over her head while their podmates dart through the waves. Tooled into the leather are the words, 'Nama, oran, sel, saaf, alyin blar pama partani.'

Note: These were supposed to be armor, not leathers, and I didn't realize the duplication until after the session with the merchant was over.

a pair of supple winged boots with ocean waves embossed in their indigo leather

The waves form a delicate picture of the goddess Eluned on the cuff of each boot, tiny star sapphires forming her eyes. A pod of dolphins leaps joyfully about her.

A pair of supple winged boots reads:
Nama, oran, sel, saaf, alyin blar pama partani.

a soft grey and deep indigo shell etched with a scene of the sea at twilight

A lone dolphin leaps clear of the gentle waves as she hurries to catch up with her podmates in the distance, stars shining brightly through the polished gloss of deepening night.

some supple indigo leather gloves worked with silver threads

Swirls of pale silver embroidery edge the cuffs with rolling ocean waves, tiny sapphire dolphins darting through the foamy caps. Polished silver buckles clasp the back of each glove, the fastening bands stitched with the phrase, "Nama, oran, sel, saaf, alyin blar pama partani."

a delicate animite armband knotworked in a whorled spray of ocean-blue star sapphires

Nestled amidst a cascade of tiny sapphires is a stunning ocean-blue cabachon sapphire. A pair of sleek dolphins crest the top of the knotwork setting. Elegantly engraved in fine script on the inside of the armband is, "Modestly hand-crafted."

some supple combat leathers of silver-worked indigo doeskin

Set into a swirling pattern of ocean waves embroidered around the collar that spills over the chest and shoulders, a pod of star sapphire dolphins darts through the foamy caps, facets twinkling like distant stars against a midnight sky.

a supple silk-bound rucksack of silver-worked indigo sharkskin

Moonlight glimmering on ocean waves below, a dolphin arcs majestically across the rich blue of Xibar, the silvery sheen of water on its skin giving it a serene and surreal appearance. Droplets hang like tears against the sky, flung heavenward from a flick of the dolphin's tail. Set into a simple, yet elegant setting, a single perfect star sapphire forms the clasp.

A supple silk-bound rucksack reads:
"Nama, oran, sel, saaf, alyin blar pama partani.

a spray of delicate bluebells and featherfern bound in an embroidered silver ribbon
Several stems of pale nodding bluebells are nestled in small clouds of baby's breath, the soft color of the blossoms contrasting sharply with the deep green of the foliage behind them. A single silk ribbon binds flower and fern together with a small bow, the long, trailing ends embroidered with sleek grey dolphins leaping through indigo waves.

A bluebell and featherfern spray reads:
"Nama, oran, sel, saaf, alyin blar pama partani."

Consultation with Countess Vanassa

I won this from the 6th year estate holder token auction, and this is what she made me.

a dark green velvet bodice laced with golden ribbons
Soft to the touch, this bodice is laced down the front and ends in a perfectly tied bow.

a watered silk gown of sapphire blue
Golden embroidery accents the hem and wrists of this simple garment, while ribbons of the same hue are tied into bows randomly along the full, billowing sleeves.

a dark green velvet gem pouch accented with a golden bow
This simple but functional gem pouch is made of the finest materials. The bow is perfectly tied and a tiny dolphin is embroidered on the front.

a gold circlet wrapped with twining silk scarves in shades of green and sapphire
A leaping dolphin crafted from platinum binds the scarves that trail down the back of this exquisite circlet.

a hooded cloak of dark green velvet with a platinum dolphin clasp
Generous folds of fabric make up this enveloping cloak. The dolphin is accented with gold along the edge of its tail and leaps into a pool of sparkling sapphires.

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