Tinsie's Memorial Service

Dateline 7/11/2002: IN GAME MEMORIAL PLANNED

We'll be having an in-game memorial for those who wish to gather and talk (or even just listen) for Tinsie on Tuesday, July 16th at 8:00 PM Eastern in the Crossing Amphitheatre in Prime.

Portals will be made available for those who wish to attend from far-flung reaches of the realms and it will last as long as people want to sit.


The turnout for Tinsie's memorial was enormous, and I know a lot of people either couldn't make it for some reason, or didn't know about it soon enough. I've edited the log of it, part of which was generously donated by Ryeka as I was a few minutes late arriving myself, for a few things:

Even with these omissions, the log is still quite long. The memorial itself lasted well over two hours, and moved to the remembrance garden next to Tamsine's Shrine in Crossing, where I left. I stopped this log after I left the Amphitheater, however.

If you would like to see the full, unedited log, please contact me.

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