DragonRealms' Gems and Related Substances

I have probably done more research on this subject--barring forging materials--than any other player in the game. That said, I do realize that most, if not all, of this information stands to be made obsolete with the introduction of the new substances system. I do intend to re-do all of the research, and wish to give a heartfelt thanks to GM Fial well in advance for fixing things that I've been complaining about for years.

On to the gems--and other stuff--of Elanthia.

Normal Treasure System Gems

These gems follow the 1-1-2-3 pattern; that is, small and medium sizes weigh 1 stone, large weighs 2 stones, and huge weighs 3 stones. They are generally found loose or in boxes of any creature carrying stuff from the 'normal' treasure system, and adan'f, which I account as having their own independent treasure system(more later).

The last five species, uncut diamonds, black opals, pink sapphires, grey pearls, and plain 'sized' emeralds, are found in what are generally termed 'superboxes'. They still follow the same weight rules as the rest. The dragon's eye ruby is extremely rare, but not necessarily found in a superbox.

Huge emeralds are put in parentheses because while they would follow the logical pattern presented by the rest of this set of gems, a huge emerald is also a quest treasure.

a small star diopside a small rock crystal a small clear topaz  
a medium star diopside a medium rock crystal a medium clear topaz  
a large star diopside a large rock crystal a large clear topaz  
a huge star diopside a huge rock crystal a huge clear topaz  
a small cat's eye quartz a small red jasper a small red-green bloodstone  
a medium cat's eye quartz a medium red jasper a medium red-green bloodstone  
a large cat's eye quartz a large red jasper a large red-green bloodstone  
a huge cat's eye quartz a huge red jasper a huge red-green bloodstone  
a small amethyst a small green zircon a small rose quartz  
a medium amethyst a medium green zircon a medium rose quartz  
a large amethyst a large green zircon a large rose quartz  
a huge amethyst a huge green zircon a huge rose quartz  
a small aquamarine gem a small green malachite stone a small turquoise stone  
a medium aquamarine gem a medium green malachite stone a medium turquoise stone  
a large aquamarine gem a large green malachite stone a large turquoise stone  
a huge aquamarine gem a huge green malachite stone a huge turquoise stone  
a small star ruby a small yellow sapphire a small green sapphire  
a medium star ruby a medium yellow sapphire a medium green sapphire  
a large star ruby a large yellow sapphire a large green sapphire  
a huge star ruby a huge yellow sapphire a huge green sapphire  
Superbox Gems  
a small grey pearl a small pink sapphire a small uncut diamond  
a medium grey pearl a medium pink sapphire a medium uncut diamond  
a large grey pearl a large pink sapphire a large uncut diamond  
a huge grey pearl a huge pink sapphire a huge uncut diamond  
a small black opal a small emerald a dragon's eye ruby  
a medium black opal a medium emerald    
a large black opal a large emerald    
a huge black opal (a huge emerald)    

Metals: Bars and Nuggets

a tiny silver bar
a massive silver bar
a tiny silver nugget
a massive silver nugget

Gold bars and nuggets used to be found in the 'normal' treasure set; with all of the changes to the treasure system, however, these have seemed to become extinct. The only specimens that remain are in collections such as my own. However, it appears that they very very rarely appear in boxes on very high-level creatures.

a tiny gold bar
a massive gold bar
a tiny gold nugget
a massive gold nugget

Non-normal Treasure System Gems and Quest Variants

These gems are, in my book, considered the 'old school' rare gems. When found, they are listed either alone, with no other treasure and a special 'rare gem' message, or after any loose coin either on the ground or in the box it's found in. They all weigh 5 stones each, regardless of species, and most appraise at around 125-150 Kronar. These two characteristics are all that differentiate the small star ruby from the 'normal' verion. Most of them appear as large or huge in Taisidon 1 & 2, as well as the sandbox on the Jaal Jeraya, and are listed here.

Non-Normal Taisidon Gems
a small star ruby a large star ruby a huge star ruby
a small chipped diamond a large chipped diamond a huge chipped diamond
a tear-shaped blue diamond a large blue tear-shaped diamond a huge blue tear-shaped diamond
a small glittering diamond    
a small flawed sapphire a large flawed sapphire a huge flawed sapphire
a tear-shaped star sapphire a large star sapphire a huge star sapphire
a small white pearl a large white pearl a huge white pearl
a small black pearl a large black pearl a huge black pearl
a small freshwater pearl a large freshwater pearl a huge freshwater pearl
a small glittering topaz a large glittering topaz a huge glittering topaz
a small scratched emerald a large scratched emerald a huge scratched emerald
a small ilithi emerald a large ilithi emerald a huge ilithi emerald
a small gleaming aquamarine a large gleaming aquamarine a huge gleaming aquamarine
a small fire opal a large fire opal a huge fire opal
a small draconic opal a large draconic opal a huge draconic opal
a small glass pebble a large glass pebble a huge glass pebble
a small gold-painted quartz a large gold-encrusted quartz a huge gold-encrusted quartz
a chunk of onyx a large chunk of onyx a huge chunk of onyx
a small onyx bead a large onyx bead a huge onyx bead
a small glossy malachite a large glossy malachite a huge glossy malachite
a lump of sickly malachite a large lump of sickly malachite a huge lump of sickly malachite
a small light purple alexandrite a large light-purple alexandrite a huge light-purple alexandrite
a small bloodgem a large bloodgem a huge bloodgem
a chipped alabaster egg a large alabaster egg a huge alabaster egg
a gleaming alabaster egg    
a square of speckled lapiz lazuli a large cube of speckled lapis lazuli a huge cube of speckled lapis lazuli
a circle of glowing sunstone a large glowing circular sunstone a huge glowing circular sunstone
a circle of milky moonstone a large milky circular moonstone a huge milky circular moonstone
a gleaming ivory tooth a large gleaming ivory tooth a huge gleaming ivory tooth
a lump of dark amber a large lump of amber a huge lump of amber
a lump of glittering goldstone a large lump of glittering goldstone a huge lump of glittering goldstone
a chunk of glittering minerals    
a shark eggcase    

Creature-specific Gems

Several creatures have their own sets of gems; their weight varies.

Glutinous Lipopods

These rather disgusting creatures sometimes carry nuggets. Nothing to be too excited about.

a silver nugget
a gold nugget

Adan'f Warriors & Mages

The following are rather common in adan'f. These are in addition to the normal treasure system gems. However, I have only seen about a third of the 'old school' set found in adan'f, which leads me to believe these creatures are on something of their own treasure system, especially as they don't seem to carry any of the new 'stuff' introduced: clothing, forging materials, food, etc.

a piece of glittering platinum
a small black opal(differentiated by price(~150 Kronar) and weight(5 stone vs. normal 1 stone))


Vipers have the largest independent set of gems out of any creature I am currently aware of. Aside from rare gems and nuggets, they also carry wedding bands and rings which are also sold at the gem shop, as opposed to the pawn shop, as other jewelery would be.

a huge diamond
a huge opal
a large flawless ruby
an emerald
a large gold nugget

Rock Guardians

Guardians carry several types of granite; it is extremely heavy, weighing in at some 20 stones per piece. Most hunters only bother to keep gold, platinum, and animite-laced specimens because of the burden.

a piece of crystallized granite
some silver-laced granite
a chunk of gold-laced granite
a chunk of platinum-laced granite
a chunk of animite-laced granite

Nipoh Oshu

Residents of Aesry Surlaenis'a, oshu carry fire opals. As I have little contact with either Aesry itself, or those who hunt these creatures, I am unable to tell with any degree of certainty whether or not the fire opals follow the 1-1-2-3 rule, or the 5-stone rule of the old school set. The medium fire opal is in parentheses because I can only assume that it exists; I have, at times, owned specimens in each of the other sizes from oshu. Please note that the large fire opal is *not* fake and *can* be sold at the gem shop for a paltry 500 kronars or so.

a small fire opal
(a medium fire opal)
a large fire opal
a huge fire opal

Dobek Moruryn

These relatives of the scorpion often carry star rubies; in fact, they are the most reliable source for 'normal' set star rubies, as it is the only gem that these creatures carry.

a small star ruby
a medium star ruby
a large star ruby
a huge star ruby

Invasions, Quest Treasure and Puzzle Gems

Gems originating from invasions, quests, and other puzzles make up the largest group of non-stolen gems in existence.

Several invasions have yielded gems as prizes, most notably pig and chicken invasions, but also including imp invasions on the Northern Trader Route.

a small bright gem -- pig invasions, weighs 5 stones
a small golden egg -- chicken invasions, weighs 5 stones
an uncut diamond -- imp invasions, weight unknown, presumably salable at the gem shop

Volcano Quest: Mibgluc's Revenge

a large fire opal -- Not to be confused with opals of the same name from nipoh oshu, these are fake gems salable at the pawn shop, not at the gem shop, and were given out as consolation prizes.


I am not as knowledgeable about the Taisidon 1/Taisidon 2 gems as I should be, due to serious problems with my original quest run. Everything I know about these quests, however, is here. The variants on the non-normal treasure gems are listed above; those unique to the quests are here.

Taisidon 1

Early runs had Taisidon Emeralds rather than Taisidon emeralds.

a large Taisidon emerald
a huge Taisidon emerald

Taisidon 2

a tiny animite nugget
a crystalline dragon tear
a large piece of dark amber
a small blue diamond
a large blue diamond
a huge blue diamond

The Feast of Eluned

The gems from this event are also found at Pirate's Plunder; since Pirate's Plunder has its own set, I'm only listing the pearls here.

a tiny pearl
a small pearl
a medium pearl
a large pearl
a perfect pearl
a shimmering pearl
a pale blue pearl
a pale green pearl
a pink pearl
a black pearl

Pirate's Plunder

Arguably the best large-scale event up to Corik's Secret, the end treasure of Pirate's Plunder was a grab-bag and given out at random. One of these gifts was a box with several gems in it. Note that the amethyst crystals do *not* have a pin on the back.

a large flawless diamond -- 2 stones
a chunk of blue glass
a small glass marble
a huge emerald
a cluster of amethyst crystals

The Gnome Quest

The Gnome Quest had a decided tendency towards recycling gems and treasure from other sources. Only the gems indigenous to this particular quest are listed here.

a copper-laced quartz
a bronze-laced quartz
a silver-laced quartz
a gold-laced quartz
a platinum-laced quartz
an animite-laced quartz
a shiny gold nugget
a polished jade sphere

Corik's Secret: Treasures of the Tomb

Two of the end treasures on this quest were gem collections, complete with carrying case and key. For differentiation purposes, the descriptions of the cases are listed here as well. Please note that some of the gems are in both collections. As for the forging metals, I don't personally consider them gems; however, for completion purposes, I do include them in the sets, and have a specimen of each of those contained in these cases.

a polished goldbark gem case set with marquis topaz of myriad sizes:

a damite lump -- 13 stones
a hematite pebble -- 1 stone
a cabochon star-stone -- 1 stone
a glaes shard -- 15 stones
a niniam fragment -- 3 stones
a violet amber marble -- 1 stone
a perfect snowy white pearl -- 1 stone
a polished fire agate -- 1 stone
a deep purple amethyst -- 1 stone
a flawless ice blue diamond -- 1 stone
a cabochon ametrine -- 1 stone
a spherical sunstone -- 1 stone
a serpent's heart ruby -- 1 stone
a lumium nugget -- 2 stones
a wild horse jasper -- 1 stone
a blue lace agate -- 1 stone
a pink topaz -- 1 stone
an opalescent icicle crystal -- 1 stone
a cherry opal -- 1 stone
a white gold nugget -- 1 stone

a cut silver gem case set with polished cabochon stones:

a violet amber marble -- 1 stone
a hawk's eye quartz -- 1 stone
a purple jade -- 1 stone
a fine snowflake obsidian -- 1 stone
a perfect snowy white pearl -- 1 stone
a polished step-cut beryl -- 1 stone
a massive emerald -- 1 stone
a cabochon star-stone -- 1 stone
a crescentic moonstone -- 1 stone
a sea-green tourmaline -- 1 stone
a white gold nugget -- 1 stone
a lumium nugget -- 2 stones
a star-cut peridot -- 1 stone
a hematite pebble -- 1 stone
a niniam fragment -- 3 stones
a glaes shard -- 15 stones
a damite lump -- 13 stones
a dragon's scale sapphire -- 1 stone

Taisidon 1, the re-release

One of the new prizes for the quest is a Corik's style gem set, complete with case, key, and forging materials.

a rich ironwood gem case edged with fine platinum mesh

Tiny teardrop stones of various gems from amethyst to zircon have been carefully ensconced in platinum spirals and secured to the fine wire mesh.

a burnished platinum key suspended from a soft spidersilk cord

a white jade
a brilliant green diopside
a tiger lily carnelian
a cut green diamond
a lumium nugget
a tiny white gold bar
a speckled lapis lazuli marble
a perfect colorless zircon
a step-cut watermelon tourmaline
a polished moonstone bead
a large fire agate
a dragon's scale sapphire
a tiny Taisidonian pearl
a huge Taisidon emerald
some black amber
a damite lump
a glaes shard
a niniam fragment

Jaal Jeraya

Not exactly a quest, but Darkbox is only available on special events, so it's here.

a bar of yellow gold
a glittering square-cut emerald
a polished cabochon amethyst
a lustrous black pearl
a sparkling white diamond
a deep blue cushion-cut sapphire
a six-rayed star ruby

These were found in the sandbox.

one half of a tiny pearl

Taisidon Safari

Taisidon Safari had two sets of gems.

Fang Oysters

Fang oysters are like free underwater Darkbox; they're located in Corsair Lagoon, beneath the elsralael hunting areas, and they bite your hand off if you mess up. Unlike Darkbox, however, is that when you mess up, instead of ranging from cuts and bruises to a severed hand, it *always* severs your hand. Beware, and take an empath or lots of herbs and patience with you.

a tiny white pearl
a tiny pink pearl
a tiny grey pearl
a small white pearl
a small black pearl
a white pearl
a silvery-white pearl
a fang oyster pearl

Diving Cliff Oysters

Oyster beds lay at the base of the diving cliffs at the north end of the beach, and sometimes held pearls. I have not yet had a chance to test whether or not there are any differences between the black and white pearls and those found on Taisidon or in the regular treasure system or even in fang oysters. However, the grey pearls do not appraise as much as those found either in fang oysters or in the normal treasure system. Those listed in yellow are currently in my possession.

a tiny black pearl a tiny blue pearl a tiny rose pearl a tiny purple pearl a tiny green pearl
a small black pearl a small blue pearl a small rose pearl a small purple pearl a small green pearl
a black pearl a blue pearl a rose pearl a purple pearl a green pearl
a large black pearl a large blue pearl a large rose pearl a large purple pearl a large green pearl
a huge black pearl a huge blue pearl a huge rose pearl a huge purple pearl a huge green pearl
a tiny red pearl a tiny yellow pearl a tiny brown pearl a tiny grey pearl a tiny white pearl
a small red pearl a small yellow pearl a small brown pearl a small grey pearl a small white pearl
a medium red pearl a medium yellow pearl a medium brown pearl a medium grey pearl a medium white pearl
a red pearl a yellow pearl a brown pearl a grey pearl a white pearl
a large red pearl a large yellow pearl a large brown pearl a large grey pearl a large white pearl
a huge red pearl a huge yellow pearl a huge brown pearl a huge grey pearl a huge white pearl
a tiny Idopun pearl a tiny Talan pearl a tiny Geshi pearl a tiny Dafora pearl  
a small Idopun pearl a small Talan pearl a small Geshi pearl a small Dafora pearl  
an Idopun pearl a Talan pearl a Geshi pearl a Dafora pearl  
a large Idopun pearl a large Talan pearl a large Geshi pearl a large Dafora pearl  
a huge Idopun pearl a huge Talan pearl a huge Geshi pearl a huge Dafora pearl  

Puzzle Gems

There's one in-game puzzle of sorts that yields gems; the puzzle isn't listed here, but the gems in the set are.

a flawless diamond
a stunning sapphire
a violet garnet
a green spinel
a golden topaz
a oversized emerald
a white jade
a star rose quartz
a blue quartz
a blue jasper
a brilliant amethyst
a brilliant ruby
a citrine stone
a white pearl
a turquoise stone
a malachite stone
a black opal

Merchant Gems

Three merchants have offered gems for sale among their wares.

Ontralwyn Gemsmiths

Ontralwyn's gems are notable in that they are neither thiefable, nor salable at the gem shop. This point is possibly the only difference between the uncut diamonds from his collection and those thrown by imps in the invasions, or the black opal here and that in the puzzle set.

a large black pearl
a flawless white opal
a scintillating emerald
a sparkling ruby
an uncut diamond
a black opal


Present at the Therenborough festival, Ezlani offered a variety of gems for setting in her gold and silver jewelery. They are all salable at the gem shop. Since they were sold in pouches of various colors, they are listed here as such.

a crimson gem pouch: a fire agate
a plain gem pouch: a moonstone
a leather gem pouch: a polished lapis lazuli
an orange gem pouch: a shield cut carnelian
a deep purple gem pouch: a plum garnet
a wine gem pouch: a wine jasper
a golden gem pouch: a golden beryl
an inky black gem pouch: an inky black moonstone
a violet gem pouch: a round cut amethyst
a brown gem pouch: a carved mountain agate
a cerulean gem pouch: a blue hawkseye
a smokey-grey gem pouch: a smoky quartz
a rose gem pouch: a rose beryl
a deep blue gem pouch: a deep blue tourmaline
a cream gem pouch: a cream lace agate


Dyllis was present at the Aesry Trader's Day event, and sold some nice jewelery and unique gems, rumored to be a preview of the possibilities in gem cutting and creation systems. There may be others that were offered; this is merely the list I was given. The one I own weighs one stone; I can only assume that the others do as well.

Note: Dyllis was also present at the more recent Wren Faire, and sold a second set of these gems. Reputedly, the second set appraise at a lower value than those he sold on Aesry, but I have not been able to confirm this.

a perfect triangle-cut sapphire
a perfect emerald-cut sapphire
a perfect brilliant-cut sapphire
a dazzling step-cut ruby
a dazzling tear-cut ruby
a large triangle-cut emerald
a large step-cut emerald
a large square-cut emerald
a large pear-cut emerald
a flawless emerald-cut diamond
a flawless rose-cut diamond

Pinata Gems

The Lances & Roses Souvenir Shop on Andreshlew, where both the Feast of Eluned and Pirate's Plunder events were held, sold pinatas. Some of the items inside these were gems.

a small gold nugget
a small silver bar
a copper bead
an ivory bead
a silver bead
a polished wooden bead
a bronze bead
a bone bead
a coral bead

The Dragon's Tear diamond and Other Prizes

This singular stone was given as a prize in the murder mystery scavenger hunt some time ago. It is not salable at the gem shop.

a Dragon's Tear diamond

There is other gem that I know of as being a prize in a contest that isn't also available elsewhere.

an enormous uncut diamond -- 5 stones

Shadowmaster Gems

These are gotten via summoning a Shadowmaster.

a black seordstone talon
a flawed seordstone talon

5th-year Estate Holder Token Auction

At the 5th-year LTB token auction, a set of fifteen unique gems and case was one of the prizes.

a platinum-edged jewelry case of carved ebony
Tiny caravans follow one another in an oval across the lid of this case, each inlaid with a different gem. The platinum filigree work along the edges and corners prevents signs of wear on the fine wood and add an elegant appearance. Lush crimson velvet lines the interior of the case, protecting the jewelry and gems within.

a large crystalline topaz
a huge egg-shaped opal
a large cabochon emerald
a large oval ruby
a large flawless peridot
a lump of polished onyx
a large violet garnet
a spiral of glowing sunstone
a crescent of silver-flecked moonstone
a midnight blue sapphire
a cube of polished agate
a large occluded bloodgem
a twisted black pearl
a striated purple alexandrite
a chunk of mottled malachite

Gems of Unknown Origin

As much research as I've done over the years, there are some sources that elude me, or those I've simply forgotten in the glut of other information I've gathered. These are gems which I know to exist, having them in my collection or knowing people who do, but do not know from whence they came.

a tiny nugget of animite
a small silver-laced quartz

There is another creature in the islands somewhere which drops ambergris. I am at a loss as to why ambergris is considered a gem, as in reality it comes from sperm whales and is used in the perfume industry. It is listed here only because it is salable at the gem shop.

a small green lump of ambergris
a medium green lump of ambergris
a large green lump of ambergris
a small yellow lump of ambergris
a medium yellow lump of ambergris
a large yellow lump of ambergris
a small grey lump of ambergris
a medium grey lump of ambergris
a large grey lump of ambergris

Throne City Museum Gems

This is by far the largest set of gems in Elanthia, being randomly generated in the gem case in the Throne City Museum. At Simucon 2002, Rigby was kind enough to inform me that not all of the possible combinations actually exist, and cruel enough not to give me any clue as to which combinations he was talking about. The fiend.

As the entire set is some 1,300 plus gems, the size/condition, cut, and species are listed here. The entire list can be found here.

Size/Condition Cut Species
small arrow-shaped agate
medium cabochon amethyst
large carved aquamarine
chipped crown-cut crystal
cracked engraved emerald
flawless gold-flaked (crystal only) garnet
  king-cut jasper
  oval malachite
  round opal
  spherical pearl
  square peridot
  step-cut quartz
  triangular ruby

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