Modus Operandi Alterations:
Designs Not Yet Made

I generally come up with a good handful of designs before a merchant event so I don't have to scramble while waiting. These are some of those I've come up with, but have yet to actually get done, or left unfinished for later inspiration.

a tapering dagger-shaped silver bookmark with an obsidian-set hilt
The so-called 'blade' of this bookmark is merely a thin plate of silver that narrows to a rounded point, useable as a letter opener, perhaps, but not much else. A gracefully curved scrollwork guard is cleverly designed to hold the bookmark in place, while the obsidian set in the hilt is etched with a stylized crescent moon.

a sleek carved ebony pinnet set with a sterling silver crescent moon

a pair of sleek black steel hairsticks connected by a shimmering triple-strand silver chain
Capping each hairstick, a stylized crescent moon of sterling silver provides a sturdy anchor for the connecting chains. A flared ridge a few inches from the end stops each shaft from sinking too far in the wearer's hair. Below that point, rather than tapering as one might expect, the hairsticks get slightly thicker, the surface rippled for a better hold.

a fitted black tank emblazoned with a stylized crescent moon across the front

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