Anita Blake Costume
Literary Costume Party September 2002

Originally, I had chosen Anita Blake for my character for the Literary Costume Party. The name had been used for another special event and wasn't free, so the costume never got completed. I also finished matching arm and wrist sheath designs, but they're literally identical to the thigh sheath save for 'arm' and 'wrist', so I'm not going to post them.

a tooled black leather sheath with filigreed silver trim
A multitude of soft leather straps fasten the sheath securely to the thigh, ending in long, dangling fringe beaded in black and silver glass. A crescent moon is centered on the endcap and top edge, the inner curve jagged.

a carved ebony stake with a silver-wrapped handle
Made as a costume prop, this stake's point has been severely blunted. Silver wire twines tightly about the handle, providing a firm grip. A crescent moon is burned into the pommel, its inner curve jagged.

Unfinished Designs

a pair of soft black leather boots with three-inch heels - incomplete

a silvered steel dagger with a cord-wrapped hilt
Black silken cord twines tightly about the hilt, providing a firm grip. A crescent moon is engraved in the pommel-nut, the inner curve jagged.

a simple silver cross dangling from a thin braided chain
The intersection bears the only embellishment on the cross; a crescent moon, its inner curve jagged, has been delicately engraved on the surface.

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