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Berean became my personal cross to bear on Dhu Gillywack #3. I offered to do one design for him, ended up designing more, and more, and by the time it was over I was annoyed enough not to let him have any input into the designs. Fortunately, he liked it all, and since it was on commission, I can't really complain about the outcome.

The one that started it all. Actually, if I remember correctly, a friend of his actually got this one done.

a dark chain of lockpicks tattoo
Ashen, charcoal and ebony lockpicks crisscross each other in a circle around the neck, forming a permanent choker. A large lock hangs at the throat, the keyhole a shimmering silver.

a charcoal coiled dragon tattoo
Intricately inked down to the last scale, a sinuous charcoal grey dragon curls around the base of Berean's neck, wings half-furled and draping across his shoulders. Pale blue and violet highlights shimmer in the fragile wing membranes, echoed in the knowing sapphire gaze.

a stooping ash grey drake tattoo
Exquisitely detailed down to the last tiny scale, the drake curls around the right forearm, thin tendrils of smoke trailing further up the arm from the beast's haste. Blood-streaked talons are held against its chest, muscles bunched and ready to strike at invisble prey. While the spiked tail ends just at the crease of elbow, the drake's head stretches to the back of the hand, lips curled back to display rows of jagged teeth.

some glazed ebon-on-black brigandine
Colored a solid pure black, this armor has been crafted for comfort as well as function. Fine lines of ebon enamel appear as the brigandine is turned into the light, forming an incredibly detailed dragon curving around the torso. Wings spread down the left arm, the dragon's head turns to gaze out from sapphirine eyes, one forepaw clinging to the shoulder. Hindlegs stretch back and clutch at the hips, while the tail coils about the right thigh.

a dueling drakes tattoo
A pair of drakes, one sinuous green, the other a shimmering crimson, plummet in a breathtaking aerial melee. Teeth and talon bloodied, wings and scales torn, the beasts struggle in their savage embrace, ichor streaming beneath them as both lives bleed away.

a smoky black shadows tattoo
Tendrils of soft black twine over the left forearm down the back of the hand, slipping through the fingers. The darkness folds over and beneath itself, like fine translucent silk, beneath which fleeting glimpses of other things can be seen: a deep violet nightshade blossom, a finely crafted lockpick, a coiled garrote wire.

a deeply hooded ash grey woolen cloak
Softly shading from storm grey to nearly black, the folds of this cloak resemble nothing so much as billowing clouds of soot. The hems are irregularly stitched in matte raw silk thread, a braided ebon cord of the same material tying the throat.

This is about the most stylized/weird piece I've ever designed for anyone in any game. What the heck. It worked.

a supple dark leather weapon harness
Padded with ebon felt, this ashen harness has scales double-stitched in charcoal grey thread. A buckle over the shoulder is set with a sapphire to form an eye, the chest strap below forming a long, slender snout, the flaps on the back gleaming with the faint blue and violet sheen of wing membranes. The abdomen strap buckle depicts interlocking talons, while an extra strap beneath resembles a spiked tail, completing the stylized dragon.

some silk-lined dark leather boots
Ebon silk, shot through with threads of sapphire and violet, is exposed in the folded cuffs, which taper to a deep V in the front. The uneven seams of leather and silk resemble wingjoints, while below, an overlapping coiled pattern of scales has been stitched in grey-on-grey. Crowned with a row of ghostly silver ridges, the top coil snakes down to the toe of each boot, ending in the smug grin of a sapphire-eyed dragon, three of its taloned feet gripping the heel, the fourth stretched below its chin for balance.

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