Normal Everyday Gear
Stuff Not for Special Events

a high-tech ebony ear communicator with a matte black mouthpiece


a pair of supple black leather pants overlaid with nylon webbing
Designed for silence as well as ease of movement, heavy mesh spills down the hips and upper thighs to allow the attachment of various gear. Several pouches, buckles, and metal rings are nearly hidden by leather flaps.


a pair of supple ebony calf-boots with matte black buckles
Textured hard rubber soles provide a sure footing, their one-inch heels slightly worn around the edges. A number of leather flaps and ties hide a pair of knife sheaths.


an ebony mesh assault harness with matte black buckles
Constructed of black leather, an enormous pack offers storage for oddly-shaped and oversized items. The outside is covered with sturdy nylon mesh and has straps riddled with buckles, loops, and matte rings for the attachment of combat gear.


a soft black leather belt pouch with a matte steel clasp
Supported on a pair of reinforced rings, this pouch is covered in a lightweight nylon mesh to break up the solid color. Slight irregularities in the surface betray the compartmentalization of the front section, while the clasp glints with a stylized crescent moon etched through the matte finish.

a multi-strap black leather belt with nylon mesh paneling
More than an everyday accessory, this belt has several small, padded compartments for valuable equipment, a trio of matte-painted steel rings on either side for the attachment of gadgets and gizmos, and a pair of rappeling security rings bracketing the leather-covered buckle. Sturdy black nylon mesh connects the main belt to the secondary straps providing further support about the thighs. A series of small clasps allows the belt to attach to other protective clothing or gear at need.

Altered by: Brazil Marcelina, Boardwalk Sale 2004


a sterling silver crescent moon charm on a black velvet choker
Glinting with exquisite cutwork, a small silver panel is set in the center of the velvet ribbon. Pale grey embroidery continues the pattern, tapering off towards the back. Supported by a pair of slender silver chains, the jagged-edged moon has had its points rounded for comfort.

a pair of sterling silver dog tags on a flat silver chain
One dog tag is heavily engraved and reads T'nora, Veshrali I., followed by a plethora of medical information which spills over onto the back. The other is too thick to be considered a traditional dog tag, appearing to have been originally designed to carry a microchip. Currently the space is set with a square of obsidian etched with a stylized crescent moon.

Altered by: Bailey Woods, Boardwalk Sale 2004


an acid-etched katana with a solid steel tsuba and plain tsuka
Wrapped in fine black leather, the tsuka on this weapon has no intricate design and merely undulates gently to provide a firm grip. The tsuba, however, is intricately etched with a stylized seascape. A jagged crescent moon in the top left corner beams down on gently rolling ocean waves, while a pair of seagulls wheel on the right, and a third is caught forever mid-dive. Depicted in exquisitely detail, the birds continue down the blade, numerous at the base and thinning out towards the point.

Altered by: Robin Dorsey, Boardwalk Sale 2004


a wide silver scrollwork armband set with a large obsidian
Held securely between a pair of twisted silver ropes that wrap around the upperarm, a wide silver panel is set with a large cabochon-cut obsidian. The setting itself is odd, as the upper left edge of the panel seems to drip over it, forming a stylized crescent moon against the sleek black stone. Narrow lines of silver streak across the stone, radiating from the crescent moon setting and beaming down on glimmering ocean waves. A pair of seagulls wheel below it to the right, a third caught forever mid-dive.

Created by: Adelle MacIntyre, Boardwalk Sale 2004

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