Normal Non-Clothing Items

a thick black-and-green catalog
Despite the many white creases and rounded corners from frequent handling, the glossy cover betrays this catalog's newness, reinforced by the recent date in the corner. "The Well-Armed Mercenary" is printed across the top in bold, camouflage-patterned print, while the rest of the page is covered with overlapping photos of various military-type personnel in different landscapes.

a bright yellow softcover cookbook
This book is fresh off the press, its cover gleaming, corners sharp and clean. A cartoon chalkboard is printed on the front, a drab dark olive green edged in black. "Cooking for Special Agents" is scrawled in white across the chalkboard, with quotes promoting the instructions filling the remainding space.

a lacquered ebony cutwork bookmark with a black silk tassel
Narrow lines of silver streak across the stone, radiating from the crescent moon setting and beaming down on glimmering ocean waves. A pair of seagulls wheel below it to the right, a third caught forever mid-dive.

Created by: Irving Scheer, Boardwalk Sale 2004


a matte blacke T'nora Security business card
A small jagged-edged crescent moon has been punched in the upper left-hand corner, thin slits radiating from it diagonally across the card to mimic beams of light. Information has been printed on the card in brilliant silver ink.

|                   Veshrali T'nora                |
|                       Licensed                   |
|     Security Consultant & Personal Bodyguard     |
|     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     |
|                     Protecting                   |
| the innocent, the victimized, and the endangered |
|               with dignity and respect.          |
|             Contact on private PBR line.         |
Created by: Cubby McGill, Boardwalk Sale 2004


a lacquered ebony jewelry box inlaid with a stylized birch seascape
Narrow lines of pale birch streak across the lid from the jagged-edged crescent moon in the upper left corner, beaming down on gently rolling ocean waves. A pair of seagulls wheel on the right, a third caught forever mid-dive. Elegant scrollwork curls along all four sides as well as the gleaming silver hinges.

a polished silver key on a black silk cord
A stylized silver crescent moon has been etched into the key grip.

a shallow jeweler's sorting tray lined in plush black velvet
a compartmentalized earring tray lined in dark silver velvet

Created by: Clyde Harkin, Boardwalk Sale 2004

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