Veshrali T'nora's Normal Wardrobe
Stuff She Doesn't Wear Everyday

a black cotton nightshirt embroidered with a sleepy teddy bear reclining on a stylized crescent moon
Delicately stitched in heavy silk threads, a jagged-edged silvery crescent moon arcs across the front of this nightshirt, cradling a weary brown teddy bear dressed in military fatigues. The bear's head rests on a half-empty supply pack, and the sliver of a naked blade glints from where it lies pinned beneath the carryall.

Altered by: Thelma Fine, Boardwalk Sale 2004


a soft blue jacquard blouse with a loosely draped neckline
Sheer to the point of faint translucency, this silky blouse is patterned all over with a seagull-in-flight burnout design. A stylized crescent moon has been added over the left breast, with lines of clear bugle beads radiating from it. Gently rolling ocean waves edge the bottom hem.

a sweeping black silk kimono-style jacket handpainted with a nocturnal seascape design
Faint stripes of silvery blue streaming across the front, a stylized crescent moon has been painted over the left breast, with a trio of seagulls on the opposite side. Two of the birds wheel, wings spread wide, while the third is caught mid-dive into the glimmering dark blue waves at the hem. More of the birds soar across the back, their eyes glittering with bugle beads.

a lavish leopard-print tunic with a keyhole neckline and asymmetrical hem
Touched with metallic highlights that gleam copper, this silken tunic is patterned in an irregular rosette design, the background ranging from mahogany to fawn. The hem comes to an off-center point in front, echoed in the sleeves.

a pair of flowing black palazzo pants with scallop-cut hems
These pebble georgette pants are designed to float and swirl about the legs. Loose and airy, the hems are subtly stitched with dark grey waves, and a few seagulls dance above the surface, wings spread wide.

Created by: Brazil Marcelina, Boardwalk Sale 2004


a sleek ebony one-piece swimsuit stitched with a black-on-black crescent moon
The cut of the this swimsuit is rather modest, save for the round cut-out abdomen. Crossing over the shoulderblades, the racer-style straps are edged with black glass beads. A large crescent moon is embroidered over the left breast in black silk, its inner curve jagged.

a sleek black wetsuit overlaid with nylon mesh
Heavy mesh spills over the torso, upper arms and thighs to allow the attachment of various gear. Several pouches, buckles, and metal rings are nearly hidden by the rubber flaps. A large crescent moon is embossed over the left breast in black-on-black, its inner curve jagged.

Altered by: Buddy Wilson, Boardwalk Sale 2002
Wetsuit fixed by: Heather Macleay, Boardwalk Sale, 2004


a backless black silk evening gown with spaghetti straps and beaded in silver crescent moons
Covered in overlapping clouds of black seed beads, the silk dress is slit to mid-thigh on both sides. The low-cut sweetheart neckline is accentuated by a stylized silver crescent moon clasp, the thin straps supporting it criss-crossing several times across the back.

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