Premium Festival
December 2004

Big thanks to Kiera and some people I don't know the names of from the Ebon GillySpit chat room for feeding me merchant names to tack on here.

Item List

  1. Arch - Festival Exit
    The Apothecary
    Inside a Pale Gold Tent
  2. Brother Weatherby's Emporium
    Bejeweled Blades - a rustic wooden wagon
    A Small Wagon - a small brown wagon
  3. Conflicts of Interest - a large wagon painted with images of various weapons
    Tribble's Wagon of Tricks - a large modwir wagon
  4. Shocking Siegery - a rusty hole in the ground
    closed - a dusty brown tent
    Quenched Thirsts - a small wood hut
    Gelem's Wagon - a rough-hewn wagon
  5. Eminent Investments - a brownstone dwelling
    Wands of Wonder - a neatly-sewn hide tent
    A Fragrant Pine Wagon - a small pine wagon
  6. Harmonics - a blue tile-roofed shack
    Travel Rations - a dilapidated dark brown tent
    Roomy Wagon - a sturdy wagon
  7. Lemon Herbarium - Corrolla & Calix - a small flower-painted wagon with yellow daisy wheels
    Festive Feastings - a small grease-stained tent
  8. Lusila's Wagon - a small sturdy wagon
    A Patched Hide Tent - a patched hide tent
  9. Cactus Gate
  10. A Taste of the City - a smelly food stand
    Mummer's Tent - an enormous silk tent
  11. Jousting Hall
  12. Rainbow Crystals - an ornate silver-painted wagon
    Inside a Lean-to - a shabby driftwood lean-to - Darkbox
  13. Praedia's Pottery - a white monir wagon
  14. Irsalla's Tent
    Blackdrake Tent
  16. Griss's Grand Gear
    Risterka's Wares
  17. Mud Pits
  18. Zinnie's
    Skidia's Shoes
    Green Tent
  19. Clean Food Stand
    Mirrian's Pavilion
    Cozy Wagon -- Mystery Toys
  20. Crystal Chambers
    Thrifty Tailor
    Simple Oak Tent
  21. Body Mosaics - a colorful silk wagon - Tattoos
    Messy Tent
  22. Snakestone
    Danahue's Lair
  23. Crossed Silver Pavilion
  24. Lilli's Fashion
    Dancing Pavilion
  25. Alchemist's Wagon
  26. Ragdren wagon
  27. Celestial Light
  28. A Black Tent
  29. Water Flume Entrance

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