Abu Hassan Ali ibn Bekar's Fineries
On the crystal rack
a deep blue wimple encased in flowing veils like midnight
a flowing emerald snood encased in a cascade of blood red garnets
a scholar's black silken skullcap with gold threading, a silver-threaded crespin interlaced with peridot stars
an opalescent herringbone barbette
an exquisitely crafted golden fillet
a fanciful feathered furlined brown hood
a scarlet wimple befringed with pear-shaped seed pearls
In the glass case
some black leather leggings striped with white satin
some midnight black tights covered with grinning interlaced skulls
some thigh-length dryad-skin boots
some scarlet-colored leather tights engraved with leaping orange flames
a misericorde
a soft white doeskin hood threaded by a delicate halo of intertwined golden silk
some tightly fitted doehide leggings
On the marble tripod
a warmage's red eyepatch engraved with the image of a fire ball
a ranger's green eyepatch emblazoned with a gleaming golden arrow
a thief's silver earring that resembles a pair of swiftly flying feet as it swings back and forth
a bard's blue eyepatch engraved with the silver image of a lute
a trader's eyepatch made entirely of finely spun golden thread and shaped like a nugget
a barbarian's wristlet made of cured kelpie leather and interlaced goblin bones
a white silver cleric's earring shaped as two hands raised in benediction
a golden empath earring that displays glowing hands gently clasping a small night-blue sapphire
a paladin's earring shaped like a burnished gold longsword and thrust through the earlobe
a disk-shaped moon mage's white gold earring that appears to shift through moon phases in the light
Armaments by Squinth
On the white granite table
an archer's brace pad made of silver-stitched pard leather
a jet black mediumweight crossbow with a leather-wrapped stock
a Dwarven iron arbalest emblazoned with the hammer-and-mountain symbol of the Gardul City State
a recurved horn-inlaid longbow embossed with green snakeweed traceries
a lightweight hazelwood short bow engraved with a red feathered arrow
an oaken bolt box acid-incised with images of hunting nobility and fierce animals in a wooded glen
On the walnut shelf
a steel guardarme reinforced with inkhorne's bone
a blued steel Dwarven hunting garniture inlaid with ivory plates
a bone-handled Dwarven kidney dagger
a finely-honed steel daggerette
a crescent-shaped steel tower shield embossed with a horn-of-plenty and a cluster of ripe red grapes
a dented iron target shield displaying a black serpent cut into three pieces on a background of vivid scarlet
a burnished bronze kite shield displaying a pair of winged feet in flight
a cup-hilted rapier incised with a ruby eye
a diamond-shaped steel target shield quartered in brown and gold with a Dwarven hammer and a mountain fortress
a laminated steel thorakes banded in brass and blackened with images of a Dwarven hammer in a raised fist
A Matter of Magik
On the wooden table
a heavy gold torque shaped like a ruby-eyed king snake eating its tail
a charming bracelet of playful red gold kittens with slitted indakar eyes
a heavy bronze armband shaped like a massive kraken
an articulated asketine catfish charm
a heavy golden sunfish pendant with delicate pink erythrite stripes
On the wrought iron stand
a translucent white fishbone
In the wicker basket
a tiny cambrinth snail
a spiraling cambrinth seashell
an amber-rayed cambrinth starfish
a delicate cambrinth anemone
a colorful cambrinth angelfish
an enameled cambrinth mermaid
On the battered counter
a sickly, petrified chicken's leg with talons pointed in different directions
a necklace made up of a number of tiny rat skulls sewn onto a brilliant silver thread
a dangling silver skull earring set with brilliant ruby eyes
a long platinum hairpin set with a large sparkling emerald
some ghoulskin boots colored pale grey splotched with sickly green
A Quiet Alcove
On the sturdy table
a driftwood sculpture depicting a sea siren reclining on a beach
a driftwood sculpture depicting a ship upon a raging sea
a driftwood sculpture depicting some playful dolphins
a driftwood sculpture depicting the goddess Eluned
a driftwood sculpture depicting a merry underwater scene
On the ebony stand
a dark grey rayskin fletching pouch clasped with an etched shark's tooth
a rich brown sealskin quiver
a split bamboo quiver set with rows of cowrie shells
some slim cane arrows
some leafhead bolts
On the silverwood rack
a braided silk and leather sling
a heavy linen knotwork sling
a staff sling with an azure silk-wrapped grip
a patterned bamboo staff sling
a steel-tipped war lance wrapped with waxed silk
a patterned bamboo hunting spear
a butterfly spear wrapped in saffron silk
On the glass case
some rounded chunks of coral
a razored throwing dagger hilted with high-relief gold inlay
a gold throwing dagger with a crescent-etched blade
a double-edged bird knife with a copper-highlighted blade
a mosaic damascene throwing dagger
a twisted damascene throwing dagger
On the teakwood rack
a polished driftwood crossbow inlaid with rows of gleaming shark teeth
a ch'oi crossbow overlaid with patterned white horn
a bamboo and polished horn crossbow.
On the ivory rack
a sandalwood bow carved with a pattern of running lions
a silk-strung hirdu bow
an amberwood flight bow wrapped in gilded leather
a red and gold lacquered siyah bow
On the sandalwood rack
a white lacewood crossbow set with a fluted black ivory boltplate
a black laquered bamboo crossbow with ivory endtips
a layered tei'oloh crossbow with a silk-wrapped ebony stock
a copperleaf dako'gi crossbow set with a bone scrimshaw boltplate
Dokta's Dis an' Dats
On the puppet stand
a wooden marionette
On the sealed box
a snarling Barbarian marionette
a serene Cleric marionette
a stern Paladin marionette
a confused Ranger marionette
a gem-encrusted Trader marionette
a drunk-looking Bard marionette
a singed War Mage marionette
a smiling Empath marionette
a starry-eyed Moon Mage marionette
a shifty Thief marionette
On the display shelf
a tarnished silver ring engraved with an oddly stylized Empath's guild crest
a slightly bent copper ring set with a chipped cambrinth stone
a tattered sign made of hairless bearskin
On the dusty table
a green checked jester marionette
a grinning skull-faced marionette
a hideous goblin-faced marionette
a scowling clown marionette
On the pine crate
a deep blue pair of muddy trousers shredded at the left knee
a dirty white smock embroided with the faint image of a smiling Gor'Tog
a ripped black-blue tabard embroidered with a black widow spider sitting amidst a web of green lightning
Eva's Everblooms
In the wooden crate
a ruby red poppy boutonniere
a deep violet iris bouquet framed by small purple gentian blossoms
a deep violet iris boutonniere
a peach gladiolus bouquet wound with stems of red loosestrife
a red rose bouquet accented with sprays of pink meadow rue
a white rosebud boutonniere
a bright yellow crocus boutonniere
Eyes of Damaris
On the chart stand
a parchment starchart
a vellum starchart
an onionskin starchart
On the wine rack
a tattered parchment scroll
On the iron shelving
a well-crafted brass and wood telescope
a simple brass telescope
a crude wooden telescope
On the wine barrel
a dark cambrinth marble sculpted into the image of the black moon Katamba
a cambrinth pendant with the likeness of Damaris carved into it
On the rickety table
a dyed leather telescope case
a soft velvet telescope case
a braided leather telescope case
Farhana's Exquise
FARASAH are gauzy, long robes often worn over a tunic and trousers or skirt. HAUSSA are loose, graceful trousers. TSHOGA are ornate, pocketed jackets. KHANDUR are pocketed jackets loose enough to cover some worn items. DJEBBA are heavy, pocketed overcoats.
On the brass table
a peach velvet tshoga lined with yellow silk and closed with plaited satin cords
a white velvet tshoga lined with azure brocade and edged with a narrow band of ebony silk embroidery
a saffron yellow silk tshoga trimmed with rosettes of gold threadwork edged in copper
a deep rose velvet tshoga embroidered with flourishes of tiny jasmine blossoms in pale ivory silk
a pale green silk tshoga seamed in narrow gold satin ribbons and lined with ivory brocade
On the teak rack
a pale yellow gauze farasah belted with a narrow amber-studded gold silk cord
a sky blue muslin farasah edged with white silk butterflies and belted with braided silver cord
a translucent white muslin farasah with a belt of entwined rose and silver velvet ribbons
a sweeping deep rose silk farasah with a woven gold mesh belt
a graceful black gauze farasah edged with golden silk chain-stitching and belted in scarlet linen
On the mahogany rack
a midnight blue cut velvet kamis bordered with white satin ribbon and black silk fretwork embroidery
a peach gauze kamis with gold-washed buttons and embroidered with a pale silk dragon and chain motif
a citron yellow patterned silk kamis with a woven roundel design of dragons encircling lotus blossoms
a black silk kamis with ornate violet and silver scaled embroidery at throat and cuffs
a finely pleated silk kamis with a red on red design of flying dragons and a rich blue lining
a deep grey silk kamis with silver buttons and a moon-and-sun design worked in heavy copper and silver thread
On the driftwood shelves
a djebba of heavy brown wool trimmed with woven gold cord and amber beads
a djebba of soft double-folded white cotton seamed with wide bands of ebony-embroidered crimson linen
a brass-clasped black silk djebba edged with wide bands of gold brocade
a thick felt crimson djebba trimmed with ebony silk figured braid
a dark green brocade djebba with elaborate copper-threaded trim
On the sandalwood rack
a pair of flowing pale ivory silk haussa seamed with satiny deep rose chain-stitching
a pair of flowing saffron muslin haussa hemmed with a band of golden silk mesh
a pair of graceful black silk gauze haussa seamed with narrow scarlet and gold twined cord
a pair of flowing silver gauze haussa trimmed with tiny pale blue glass beads and hemmed with silver satin ribbon
a pair of pale green silk haussa patterned with ivory rosebuds and trimmed with rose-hued glass beads
On the coral stand
a scarlet brocade khandur hemmed with a wide band of white silk embroidered with hummingbirds
a deep black linen khandur with a high side-buttoned collar and seams of silver figured silk
a fine white linen front-gathered khandur edged with a narrow woven silk band of green and gold
a pale jade velvet khandur trimmed with ornately knotted silk tassels in bright rose and gold
a pure white velvet khandur edged in blue silk stitchery on black silk ribbon
a chocolate-brown velvet khandur with elaborate ivory beadwork and knotted ecru fringe
Fine Leathers by Sirit
On the teak stand
a black suede cloak edged with rows of crimson and blue shells
a deep violet suede cloak worked with silvery shells in a moon-and-star pattern
a bleached suede cloak worked in rows of tiny black and white shells
a sable leather burnoose lavishly trimmed with cowrie shells
On the mahogany rack
a soft grey reinforced leather vest with silver starfish buttons
a cream reinforced leather vest embossed with leaping dolphins
a silvery reinforced leather vest embossed with scarlet herons
a deep brown reinforced leather vest with etched sharktooth fastenings
On the driftwood rack
some ornate dragon-patterned leathers
some fitted soft rose leathers seamed with double rows of misty grey pearls
some fitted cream-colored leathers seamed with double rows of black coral beads
some elegant ebony leathers seamed with double rows of snow opals
some elegant midnight blue leathers seamed with a row of scrimshaw beads
some ornate scarab-patterned leathers
On the ebony stand
some mist-grey leathers inset with a sun-and-moon design in copper and silver studs
some gold-riveted battle leathers
some black leathers seamed with twisted dark spirals of blued steel beads
some sable leathers beaded across the chest in brilliant gold with a sunburst design
some pure white leathers inset with a rampant lion worked in gold and copper beads
some dark battle leathers with a quill-and-bearclaw chestpiece
On the brass table
a quilted leather jerkin edged with pure white feathers stitched with ivory beads
a quilted leather jerkin edged with vivid blue-green feathers and turquoise beads
a quilted leather jerkin trimmed with deep scarlet feathers stitched in amber beads
On the inlaid table
an azure leather tunic overlaid with golden silk mesh
a white leather tunic overlaid with misty silver mesh
a wine leather tunic overlaid with gleaming copper mesh
Gosling's Exotic Fish
On the marble slab
a sealed glass aquarium
a massive onyx-framed aquarium
a small gold-edged fishbowl
a large teak-framed aquarium
a towering octagonal aquarium
Gadelica's Riches for the Reverent
On the silverwillow table
a black jade amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord
a white jade charm
a dark topaz charm
a smoky crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord
a roseate crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord
a midnight blue crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord
On the ladder-back chair
a deeply-cowled monk's robe
On the clothes hooks
a scarlet wedding cassock
a simple ritual robe
a monk's robe, some dove grey robes
a fringed prayer shawl
On the silver tray
a wedding cup
For those interested in the musical instruments, the treble viol and pyi-pya each take 4 replacement strings. Packages of 6-strings should be used for the bandoura and the new ebony lyra viol.
On the felt-padded table
a ceremonial Mer'Kresh moon shell horn
a copper ritual drum
a bronze carnyx with the bell in the shape of a open-mouthed ram
a burlwood bandoura
a silk-stringed pyi-pya
a polished lyra viol
a jade-banded txistu
a necklace of bird-bone flutes
In the bell case
a blackened silver bell shaped as a curled sleeping panther
a tiny silver bell shaped as a dozing dove
a matte black porcelain bell with images of four ravens in bas-relief
a gleaming bronze bell shaped as a plump magpie
a tiny gold bell shaped as a roaring lion
a tiny crystal bell etched with the image of a rising phoenix
a small porcelain bell painted with a splashing dolphin
a small silver cloisonne bell fashioned as a sleeping cat
a gold-washed bell shaped as a rearing unicorn
a tiny pewter bell shaped as a shrew
a small blown-glass bell shaped as a fat perched wren
In the low shelf
a drum stick
an ivory drum stick
In the large basket
a ritual drum skin
a set of six strings and a set of four silk strings
On the bookcase
a booklet bound in blue-green suede
a booklet bound in dark blue leather
a booklet bound in battered water-stained leather
On the slate shelf
a jar of purple squid ink
a jar of blue squid ink
a jar of blood red ink
a jar of black squid ink
In the clam-shell box
a fish-bone stylus
a sculpin spine stylus
a monkfish spine stylus
a sailfish spine stylus
Iormethani's Godly Objects
On the pinewood table
an oaken icon of the god Aldauth
an oaken icon of the god Botolf
an oaken icon of the god Huldah
an oaken icon of the goddess Eylhaar
an oaken icon of the god Truffenyi
an oaken icon of the god Kuniyo
an oaken icon of the god Everild
an oaken icon of the god Phelim
an oaken icon of the god Damaris
an oaken icon of the god Firulf
an oaken icon of the god Meraud
an oaken icon of the goddess Beregaria
an oaken icon of the goddess Hodierna
an oaken icon of the god Divyaush
an oaken icon of the god Kertigen
an oaken icon of the god Alamhif
an oaken icon of the god Hav'roth
an oaken icon of the goddess Peri'el
an oaken icon of the goddess Eluned
an oaken icon of the goddess Lemicus
an oaken icon of the god Glythtide
an oaken icon of the god Seamus
an oaken icon of the goddess Tamsine
an oaken icon of the goddess Albreda
an oaken icon of the goddess Faenella
an oaken icon of the goddess Murrula
an oaken icon of the god Chadatru
an oaken icon of the god Rutilor
an oaken icon of the god Zachriedek
an oaken icon of the goddess Asketi
an oaken icon of the goddess Kerenhappuch
an oaken icon of the goddess Dergati
an oaken icon of the god Trothfang
an oaken icon of the god Ushnish
an oaken icon of the god Drogor
an oaken icon of the god Be'ort
an oaken icon of the god Idon
On the wall rack
an iron two-handed sword with an ox-skull grip
a steel war axe with a boar-shaped oaken grip
an iron-hafted mace with a bronze roaring lion's head
a steel Dwarven gauntlet of the mighty All-Father
a black-lacquered target shield covered with the image of a hissing golden serpent
an ironwood staff surmounted by a sculpted ebony raven
an ironwood staff surmounted by a sculpted obsidian panther
an ironwood staff surmounted by the sculpted image of a jade wolverine
an iron-hafted mace with a brass snarling boar's head
a blue-bladed longsword bearing a dolphin-shaped agate on its pommel
Isfahni's Paradise
On the crystal case
some scarlet enameled toe bells
some delicate bronze toe bells
some beaten silver toe bells
some hammered gold toe bells
On the ebony stand
an ivory-buttoned yellow silk vest with a rising sun emblem in flamestitched crimson and gold satin
a pale blue watered silk vest edged with tiny hammered silver disks
a cream brocade vest with satin insets of brilliant green and gold dragonflies
a black silk vest with embroidered roundels of blossoms encircled by crimson and gold phoenix
an ivory silk vest embroidered with deep violet lotus blossoms and edged with scrimshaw beadwork
a vest of jade green silk faintly patterned with silver wasps
On the coral stand
a belled anklet
a hip belt of delicate silver links dangling with tiny enameled blossoms in a rainbow of colors
some etched copper toe bells
a belt of heavy beaten gold medallions etched with a sunburst design
a glittering silver belt of moons and stars linked with tiny jade bells
On the rosewood shelves
a filmy skirt of pure white gauze over pale pink silk knotted at the hip with long chain-braided fringe
a filmy skirt of black gauze over crimson silk set along the hem with tiny beaten gold disks
a filmy skirt of translucent flame gauze over pure yellow silk hemmed with a narrow band of gold-copper weave
a filmy skirt of sheer ivory gauze over light peach silk sparkling with latticed beadwork in gold, green, and peach
a filmy skirt of seafoam gauze over aqua silk swirled with amethyst glass beads and freshwater pearls
a filmy skirt of sheer lilac gauze over deep violet silk glittering with tiny mirrored roundels
a filmy skirt of pale green gauze over jade silk edged with delicate ivory wasps
Linkforge Grotto
On the deep shelf
some polished chain gloves with clawed hands worked into them in brass links
some polished chain gloves with shark heads worked into them in copper links
some polished chain gloves with a wave pattern worked into them in blue steel links
some silver chain gloves
a glittering chain coif with a wave pattern worked into it in blue steel links
a glittering chain coif with a shark head worked in copper links
a glittering chain coif with a warface worked in brass links
On the ivory rack
some fine bronze ring mail with the leather dyed sea green
a full steel mail shirt with a border of brass scales etched and set with onyx
a suit of double ring steel mail with a scale pattern worked in brass links
a heavy bronze hauberk
a suit of fine mail
a silver chain shirt worked with gold and emeralds
a thigh-length silver chain shirt with a scale pattern worked in copper
a polished silver mail shirt
On the coral shelf
a golden mail belt with dangling gold flowers
a silver mail belt with dangling clusters of exotic silver coins
a golden mesh choker
a golden wire mesh veil set with pearls and emeralds
a brass chainmail wristband
a bronze chainmail wristband
a silver mesh cap strung with seashell-shaped glass beads
a long silver headpiece swagged with pearls
a delicate silver mesh headpiece with dangling coral teardrops
Lances & Roses Souvenir Shop
On the driftwood table
a silvery starfish pinata
a deep black kraken pinata
a dark grey shark pinata
a golden-haired mermaid pinata
a deep green seahorse pinata
an oversized seashell pinata
a dashing pirate pinata
On the weapons rack
a razor-edged steel starfish
a spiraling coral lance
On the driftwood tree
a fluttering black riband with a grey enameled shark charm on the end
a fluttering yellow riband with a driftwood mermaid charm on the end
a fluttering pale blue riband with a silver sea urchin charm on the end
a fluttering white riband with a pink coral seahorse charm on the end
a fluttering green riband with a silver starfish charm on the end
In the painted toy box
a vivid blue octopus doll
a grey-scaled Merelew doll
a Merelew guard doll
a Merelew Trader doll
a bright green starfish doll
Margareth's Home
On the clothes rack
a bisque watersilk tunic
a bisque watersilk gown
a shimmering black watersilk tunic
a shimmering black watersilk gown
an indigo blue watersilk tunic
an indigo blue watersilk gown
an ivory watersilk tunic
an ivory watersilk gown
a pale violet watersilk tunic
a pale violet watersilk gown
a seafoam watersilk tunic
a seafoam watersilk gown
a pale green watersilk tunic
a pale green watersilk gown
In the sturdy box
a barracuda fang-tipped torque
a heavy torque studded with sharks' teeth
a bejeweled angelfish pin
On the driftwood table
some iridescent bisque slippers patterned with fishscales
some iridescent ivory slippers patterned with fishscales
some pale violet slippers patterned with fishscales
some pale green slippers patterned with fishscales
some silvery grey slippers patterned with fishscales
some ocean blue slippers patterned with fishscales
some shimmering black slippers patterned with fishscales
On the driftwood bench
some silvery grey sealskin boots
some blue sealskin boots
some black sealskin boots
some fur-topped sealskin boots
some silvery grey sharkskin boots
some blue sharkskin boots and some black sharkskin boots
On the low table
a bisque watersilk vest
a shimmering black watersilk vest
an indigo blue watersilk vest
an ivory watersilk vest
a pale violet watersilk vest
a seafoam watersilk vest
a pale green watersilk vest
On the narrow table
some dangling shell earrings
some tiny gold starfish earrings
some tiny silver starfish earrings and
some carved coral seahorse earrings
On the rack
a gold sandkronar locket suspended from a gold chain
a silver sandkronar locket suspended from a silver chain
a gold seahorse locket suspended from a gold chain
a silver seahorse locket suspended from a silver chain
a gold starfish locket suspended from a gold chain
a silver starfish locket suspended from a silver chain
a red-orange coral bead necklace
a pink coral bead necklace
a red coral bead necklace
a white coral bead necklace
a frosted seaglass bead necklace
a lavender seaglass bead necklace
a black seaglass bead necklace
a green seaglass bead necklace
a necklace of carved ivory beads
Nytingale's Instruments
On the wooden counter
a delicate silverwillow lyre embellished with carved mermaids and seashells
a polished pearwood rebec decorated with a marqueterie compass rose
a graceful copperleaf faenellica inlaid with a swirling flight of silverwillow wrens
a shallow shaman's drum decorated with fluttering gold-beaded scarlet feathers
a carved raven-bone syrinx bound with deep blue leather thongs
a bronze mirliton decorated with twining enamel nightshade blossoms
On the peg-board

a drum stick

a long leather pouch cinched with a silver ram's head on a rawhide thong
a deep-blue leather drum pouch painted with tiny singing wrens
a deep blue woolen jacket fastened with carved rowan buttons bearing an embroidered Bards' Guild badge on one sleeve
a shagreen instrument case embossed with the golden emblem of the Bards' Guild
Piralpa Tridents

A prominent sign reads:
Be warned, land dwellers! These harnesses are designed to hold tridents, and you'll find that most of your other more mundane weapons WON'T fit! Now buy, buy, buy!

On the driftwood rack
a blackened sharkskin harness
a sun-dried seaweed harness
a knotted rope harness enhanced with bits of seashell
a pale crocodile skin harness
On the sandstone rack
a bleached bone trident bearing intricate carvings
a barbed trident
an enameled trident inset with tortoiseshell chips
a shark-tooth tipped trident
On the jade-topped table
a blackened-prong trident with a sharkskin handle
a flared trident
Rezcheeka's Decorative Staves and Hobbyhorses
In the red wooden barrel
a flame-red dragon-headed hobbyhorse with an attached harness
an aquamarine seahorse-headed hobbyhorse with an attached harness
a sapphire blue dragon-headed hobbyhorse with an attached harness
a gold dragon-headed hobbyhorse with an attached harness
In the blue wooden barrel
a sorrel hobbyhorse
a white hobbyhorse
a jester's head hobbyhorse
On the wooden rack
a pale grey narwhal-horn quarterstaff
an arched whalebone quarterstaff
a twisty driftwood quarterstaff
A Shallow Cave
On the display case
a large steel hook
an ornate coral hook
a magnificent seagrass hook
a simple ivory hook
a mirrored hook
a smooth red hook
a great iron hook
a chipped coral hook
a conch shell hook
a whale's tooth hook
a fish spine hook
Shenneshwi's Leather Canteens & Botas
On the mended roof pole
a pale green bota
a purple bota
a tan bota painted with a musical instruments
a white leather bota incised with a rearing unicorn surrounded by a wreath of healing herbs
a black leather bota covered with golden mystical symbols
a brown leather bota edged with painted grapes and grape vines
On the sagging roof pole
a wolf-skin canteen
a crocodile-skin canteen
a troll-skin canteen
a reaver-skin canteen
Silah's Sundries
On the marble table
a scarlet fichu
a black dress coat with silver button loops and red cuffs
a blue dress coat with scarlet piping and cuffs
a red coat with gold embroidery on the lapels and cuffs
a blue fichu
a diaphanous fichu
a black silk tunic with silver threading and flowing dags
a red tunic of light cloth with black piping and flowing dags
a black and white quartered tunic with flowing dags
a sea green tunic with black piping and flowing dags
On the coral counter
an Eluned cameo engraved in an oval of conch
a Drogor cameo engraved in an oval of conch
a necklace of white and black pearls
some tear-drop pearl earrings
a nose stud of black pearl
a coral bracelet carved in the form of a chain of leaping dolphins
On the hat stand
a skullcap crafted of black silk with coral beadwork
a black tricorn with a red cockade
a red tricorn with a blue and gold cockade
a sea bag.
On the armor stand
a briquet
a black locust crossbow inlaid with mother-of-pearl
a steel ortag engraved with a leaping dolphin
a star knot club
some zaulguum-skin armor
some carapace armor
some coral-encrusted mail decorated with shark teeth
Some Things Amiss
In the cedar wardrobe
a high-collared black satin robe with a crimson hem
an ivory cotton robe with golden embroidery
On the display case
some lapis-inlaid bones
some diamond-inlaid bones
some ruby-inlaid bones
some amber divination bones
On the wicker hamper
an elegant sky-blue robe of transluscent gauze
an ivory scholar's robe shot with gleaming copper threads
a deep blue silk robe embroidered with silver constellations
a flowing black seer's robe.
On the ironwood table
a set of skeletal pirate bones
some grimy rat bones
a set of yellowed gidii bones
On the marble pedestal
a polished silver monocle
some thin platinum spectacles
some horn-rimmed spectacles
some spidery silver-rimmed spectacles
In the maple trunk
a flowing black linen shirt
a fringed gypsy scarf
a swirling colorful silken dress
a patchwork vest crafted from bits of colorful fabrics
On the pine coatrack
an ivory white sash embroidered with copper sigils
a deep crimson sash embroidered with golden sigils
a flowing jade sash embroidered with silver sigils
In the oak chest
a faded cougarskin shaman's robe
a crude leather vest stitched with tiny bones
a tattered boarskin shaman's robe
On the troll head
a cracker spread with black gel
a milky green tidbit
a pickled goblin canape
Saltwater Grotto
On the black coral ledge
a knotted starshell necklace
a knotted starshell choker
some knotted starshell earrings
a knotted starshell ring
a knotted starshell tail band
a knotted starshell anklet
a knotted starshell bracelet
a knotted starshell belt
On the red coral ledge
a black coral walking stick
a red coral walking stick
a white coral walking stick
a mottled coral walking stick
On the orange coral ledge
a black coral nose ring accented with a tiny starshell
a green coral nose ring accented with a tiny starshell
a white coral nose ring accented with a tiny starshell
a blue coral nose ring accented with a tiny starshell
a pink coral nose ring accented with a tiny starshell
an orange coral nose ring accented with a tiny starshell
a red coral nose ring accented with a tiny starshell
On the white coral ledge
a delicate seagrass skirt
a bleached seagrass tunic
The Tent of Avnel the Glassblower
On the coat stand
a smokey-blue brocade tunic embroidered with faint silvery cobwebs
a silken cloak in an oddly shifting shade of grey
a wide-brimmed straw beekeeper's hat with a shimmering net veil
On the wooden rack you see a note, a fragile crystal cube
a shimmering glass orb
a delicate glass ball
a smokey glass sphere
a bubbled glass globe
a cloudy glass pyramid
a smokey quartz globe
a gold-flecked crystal egg
a sparkling crystal sphere
On the velvet-lined tray
an elegant necklace of opalescent scarlet and gold glass beads
a heavy gold armband set with a stained glass cartouche depicting a star-eyed panther
a heavy gold ankle-chain from which dangle dozens of colorful glass charms
an intricate stained glass torque depicting a dolphin darting through a blue-green seascape
On the marble pedestal
a delicate gaethzen phoenix
a tiny gaethzen firefly
a gaethzen sphere
Usk'elneg Pell, Treasures of the Deep
On the coral wall-rack
a horseshoe crab shell shield
a large tortoiseshell shield
a salt-stained tower shield scarred deeply with a seven-pointed star
On the turtle shell
a discolored broadsword faintly etched with a seven-pointed star
a brass cutlass tinted with a greenish patina
a white-coral walking stick capped with a gold skull
a massive war hammer with a warped bone hilt
In the rough net
a dark crocodile-skin jacket emblazoned with a metallic blue turtle
a sharkskin jacket neatly trimmed with gold buttons
a faded uniform jacket from the Royal Fleet
In the glass case
a dented gold amulet bearing an Elothean visage
an intricately carved whalebone
a twisted seaweed necklace festooned with dangling coins
a darkened silver ring engraved with a seven-pointed star
a bleached whalebone earring
Voi's Fine Heirlooms
On the velvet-draped table
a gold key
a silver key
a brass key
On the velvet-lined case
a brass orlog
a gold orlog
a silver orlog
On the jewelry tray
a platinum wedding band set with dozens of tiny sapphires
an opal pin in the shape of a jellyfish with dangling silver tentacles
a twisted pearl choker accented by a Merelew cameo
a black pearl brooch surrounded by a dozen tiny seed pearls
a white gold earring set with a blood ruby
On the glass counter
a black coral-handled carving knife
a black short bow carved into the shape of a stylized dolphin
a slender jeweled dagger
Welslella's Cavern
On the coral bench
a vial of blue liquid
a vial of pink liquid
a vial of brown liquid
a vial of green liquid
a vial of golden liquid
a vial of silvery liquid
a vial of amber liquid
a vial of red liquid
a vial of black liquid
a vial of indigo liquid Yarsneg's Yurt
On the wooden rack
a goldenoak wedding band
an ebony ring carved with the Ranger's guild crest
a ramshorn archer's ring
a silverwillow wedding band
a thick walnut ring carved in the likeness of a black bear
On the wooden stand
a masterfully engraved claymore
an exquisitely engraved claymore
a leather-wrapped wooden sheath
a great helm with a 13-point stag's antlers attached
On the simple shelf
a woodsman's axe
On the slender table
a gold-rimmed monocle
a silver-rimmed monocle
On the wall peg
a serpentine walking stick
On the low counter
a robe of coarse sackcloth
a solidly stitched leather ankle band
a braided leather headband
some soft kneehigh leather boots with antler side-buttons
a twisted wire necklace